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Edition 11 - Week of March 18, 2021
> At last, events restarting here after long year (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF AND MICHELLE GENZ)
> Nearly 80 percent of county seniors have received jab (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> COVID pandemic has changed life in significant ways(BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Teel lawsuit against sheriff’s office moves a step closer to trial (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores seeks help from consultant in exploring its water-sewer options (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Three more Beachland Elementary students test positive for COVID-19 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vaccination recommended even for those who have had coronavirus (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero boatbuilder cited for dumping oil and gasoline (BY SUE COCKING)
> Public schools $280 million behind on maintenance (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> County pushing back on $134 million in state-mandated lagoon cleanup costs (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 10 - Week of March 11, 2021
> Replica of Hemingway’s fishing boat coming to Vero (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> New COVID cases at lowest level here since Halloween (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School district kept principal’s COVID secret for two weeks (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Grand Harbor: A tangible sense of resurgence and community pride (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero Beach Regional Airport thriving; launching ad campaign to raise profile (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> C-section rates improve dramatically at Cleveland Clinic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New project underway at south end of county (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Longtime island banker and nonprofit leader Scott Alexander retiring from Northern Trust (BY MARY SCHENKEL)

Edition 9 - Week of March 4, 2021
> COVID-19 good news: cases down, vaccinations up (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Why is school district underreporting COVID-19? (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Kimberly Thorpe: A meteoric life comes to an untimely end (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hal Du Pont: Remembered by shooters, photogs and cat lovers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Pandemic makes college planning a challenge for St. Ed’s seniors (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero police resume parking enforcement in Central Beach (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County, Shores and Vero get $5 million for lagoon projects (BY SUE COCKING)
> Shores town manager steps down due to health problems (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 25, 2021
> Vero Beach High principal hospitalized with COVID-19 (BY STEVE THOMAS)
> As more receive vaccine jabs, new infections decline (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Anti-mask parents who sued School Board will not appeal (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Small businesses doing well in Vero despite pandemic (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero on verge of creating Cultural Arts Village (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City seeks to increase use of marina by transient boaters (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Speeding tickets in Vero soar, crashes way down, in 2020 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Utility poles on Ocean Drive will be replaced this spring (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Closure of Wabasso Beach Park for repairs delayed by high tides (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero hits the Shores with epic demand for documents (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 7 - Week of February 18, 2021
> Nursing home let staff with COVID care for patients (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New COVID-19 infections here unchanged, but deaths down (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> El Sid Taqueria latest island eatery to close briefly as a result of COVID-19 (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Renovated Village Beach Market back at last (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Florida city similar to Vero foils cyberattack on water utility (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School district hopes to tap generous island residents to fund major projects (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Unearthed decade-old letter could be key in fight over water rates between Vero and Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Legislature trying again this year to preempt local regulation of vacation rentals (BY SUE COCKING)
> Mardy Fish Foundation tennis championships rescheduled from late April to mid-October (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Public school teachers to get promised pay raise (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 6 - Week of February 11, 2021
> New COVID cases trend downward, but less so on island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Isles residents seek deal with City on canals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club’s A1A tunnel idea not hit with all (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Multimillion city marina makeover gets the OK (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> John’s Island golfers bankroll teaching pro’s PGA dream (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island brokers see 2021 shaping up as another phenomenal year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Buyer emerges for historic Patio restaurant downtown (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> North island beach repair project hits new snag; needs more sand and funds (BY SUE COCKING)
> Islander expert in emergency management sees politics hampering COVID-19 relief (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 5 - Week of February 4, 2021
> COVID-19 sets new records here during January (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Media center assistant at Oslo Middle first school staffer to die here of COVID-19 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Judge Janet Croom to rule soon on school facemask policy (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Hundreds get coronavirus vaccine here at pop-up clinics (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Kids could be in line for vaccinations by summer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Boat tie-ups at Vero’s city marina down 50 percent (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> New bridge off south island will be one of tallest in state (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Will hidden-camera videos from prostitution-sting be destroyed? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Graves donates land near Vero Beach High to school district for new running track (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero City Council won’t include overhead or salaries in stormwater utility budget (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Why don’t we see work being done on island road and bridge projects? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Charges dropped against man arrested by deputy who later shot Teel (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 4 - Week of January 28, 2021
> FBI agents seek to question former Mayor Jay Kramer (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> COVID-19 cases down slightly, but death toll rises (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Publix added to COVID-19 vaccine sites here (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Coronavirus poses new set of challenges for Mental Health Assn. (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Pandemic propels island real estate to a record year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Beach auto dealerships ended up having good year (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Season off to strong start at Village Shops in the Shores (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Utilities Commission urged to phase out septic within Vero city limits on island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero: The Shores lacks standing to sue over reuse water rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 3 - Week of January 21, 2021
> Assisted living residents finally getting vaccine (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New COVID-19 cases here lowest since New Year’s (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Public schools here experience worst week since start of pandemic with 50 new cases (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Not going to see this racing through Vero before 2023 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Deputy, fired here for pepper-spraying inmate, once handcuffed Mike Wallace after traffic stop (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero seeks development pitches for riverfront project (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River Shores says it likely will leave Vero water-sewer utility in 2027 (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 2 - Week of January 14, 2021
> Vaccine or placebo? Pfizer trial participant waits to find out (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 cases shatter pandemic records for county (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Antibody treatment available here for high-risk patients (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Keeping seniors out of hospital best way to fight COVID-19 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No post-holiday COVID-19 spike, so far, at public schools (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Major golf and tennis charity events here altered in response to pandemic (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Royal Palm Pointe businesses ‘on an upswing’ after 2020 lull (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)

Edition 1 - Week of January 7, 2021
> Frustration as thousands here seek scarce vaccinations (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New COVID-19 cases set another record here (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> What you need to know about rollout of COVID vaccines (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 45 new COVID-19 cases reported in county schools despite holiday break (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Hawk’s Nest golf course now ranked one of Florida’s best (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> High-ranking Sheriff’s Office official, cleared of criminal wrongdoing, retires (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brightline restarts work on high-speed rail tracks here (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 53 - Week of December 31, 2020
> 2020:The Year of Living Pandemically (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Pharmacies await vaccine shipments so shots can begin (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Deputy was facing suspension when he shot doc’s wife (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Farmers Market Oceanside, Art in the Park both on comeback trail (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)

Edition 52 - Week of December 24, 2020
> DeSantis: CDC vaccine priority makes no sense (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Surge in COVID-19 cases sees pandemic total here top 6,000 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> COVID-19 spreading faster in county public schools (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Kids still send letters by snailmail to Santa (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Piper’s high-end aircraft sales strong; no pandemic layoffs (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero Beach City Council sharply divided on stormwater tax (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach, Shores begin incurring major legal fees in utility dispute (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Village Beach Market, hit by more delays, now hoping for mid-January reopening (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> NAACP, School Board agree on more meetings and progress reports in desegregation case (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 51 - Week of December 17, 2020
> No Thanksgiving spike seen here in COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach anxiously awaits arrival of first doses of coronavirus vaccine (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> COVID-19 quarantine time is cut for Indian River public school students (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Indigo Vero Beach: Luxury development coming to oceanfront (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Financing is challenge for riverfront project (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Report: Indian River County has best lagoon water quality (BY SUE COCKING)
> County appeals again in industrial property rights saga (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero Beach Municipal Marina renovation moves ahead (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Lawnwood Regional Medical Center plans $100 million expansion (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 50 - Week of December 10, 2020
> Will rollout of vaccine proceed smoothly here? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 cases in schools double since second quarter start (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> COVID-19 infections up here with 22 hospitalized, and five deaths (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 17th Street bridge declared ‘structurally deficient’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> With concrete and steel, state armors island to withstand a 100-year storm (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Graves wants more pay, longer terms for Vero City Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Court: Teel wrongful death lawsuit should go forward (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero police bike patrols give the public ‘a greater feeling of safety’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> 3.7 miles of north island beach to be restored beginning in January (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 49 - Week of December 3, 2020
> Will third surge of COVID-19 find us better prepared? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> First responders to be vaccinated as soon as possible (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Despite pandemic, island tourism not bad in late summer (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero abandons idea of creating test site for city residents (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> St. Helen’s reopens after COVID-19; scattered positives at other area schools (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> 98 percent of Grand Harbor members vote to take over ownership of club from Carl Icahn (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> John’s Island tennis pro moving to Sea Oaks to replace retiring director (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brightline constructing another railroad bridge in South Vero Beach (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> County loses $3.3 million appeal in Ocean Concrete property rights case (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> County may cut polling places in favor of super voting centers (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County reports above average sea turtle nesting on barrier island’s beaches (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 48 - Week of November 26, 2020
> John’s Island closes dining rooms for rest of month after positive COVID-19 tests (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero seeking to curb COVID-19 spread in city (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Covid-19 maintains high profile in both private and public schools in county (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero cardiologist: COVID-19 can cause heart damage (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> The Shores, Vero seem headed for court over reuse water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Council moving ahead with plans for stormwater tax (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Uncertainty about 16th Street Ballfields as county sues to uphold deed restriction (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 47 - Week of November 19, 2020
> Vero researcher involved in COVID-19 drug trials (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New COVID-19 cases creeping up on July level (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> COVID-19 increase among long-term care residents – but not staff – baffles experts (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Incoming School Board members support mandatory mask rules (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> 2 more students at St. Edward’s School have tested positive for COVID-19 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Downtown Vero gets its first new office building in a decade (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> FIT researchers apparently do not plan to proceed with Bethel Creek flushing study (BY SUE COCKING)
> Senior organization launches a searchable website to link older residents with services (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Grand Harbor members reach tentative deal to take over club from developer (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brackett lauded as ‘excellent choice’ as Vero Beach mayor (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 46 - Week of November 12, 2020
> How will COVID-19 vaccine be distributed in Vero? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Troubling surge occurring here in COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> COVID-19 cases spike among local students, public school staff members (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Grand Harbor members in sensitive talks with developer (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Many barrier island septic systems found to be leaking waste into the groundwater (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic doctors continue to struggle with phone problems (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Repairs to 17th Street bridge now won’t start until December (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 45 - Week of November 5, 2020
> South of bridge, a Community Sailing Center? (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> North of bridge, dismantle big blue or turn it into riverfront centerpiece? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Snowbirds may be fueling island COVID-19 surge (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Parents sue county School Board over facemask policy (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> St. Ed’s counselor positive for COVID-19; no students exposed (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Cleveland Clinic adding Primary Care physicians (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Indian River Shores swears in new council Thursday (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oceanfront property owners balk at beach repair easements (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero City Council shelves stormwater utility vote until its Nov. 17 meeting (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 900-home subdivision coming next to Vero Beach outlets (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 44 - Week of October 29, 2020
> 17th Street bridge to be partially closed all winter for repairs (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Construction of new tracks for Brightline trains reaches Vero (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Wealthy ZIP codes go big for Biden – but not Vero island (BY A STAFF WRITER)
> COVID-19 cases on island set new one-week record (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District sees an urgent need for youth mental health facility here (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Despite risks, governor relaxes visitation limits at nursing homes (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> 2 island students create music videos to uplift spirits of quarantined nursing home residents (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> ELC plans November groundbreaking on $1.3 million education and event pavilion (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 43 - Week of October 22, 2020
> County residents in 20s, 60s lead in positive tests (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachland Elementary has COVID-19 case; so far, no schools here in danger of closing (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Longtime head of mosquito control program to retire (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Heaton family eyeing new beachside hotel in Old Riomar (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New electronic records system adds to woes of patients calling Cleveland Clinic physicians (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Surgeon named president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Florida regional division (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Commercial property owners, hit by pandemic, likely to see property tax reduction in 2021 (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Head of U.S. Fish & Wildlife impressed on first visit to Pelican Island refuge (BY SUE COCKING)
> Sebastian Inlet dune repair project set to start in December (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 42 - Week of October 15, 2020
> Will the return of snowbirds boost COVID-19 rate? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Grace Rehab, once top rated, now run by former director of troubled facility (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Public schools preparing for wave of students returning to classrooms (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Activists urge end to requirement that students wear facemasks (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero Beach Museum of Art finally reopens galleries and sculpture gardens to visitors (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Returning snowbirds will find most private clubs open and welcoming (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> The Vero Beach Bridge Club’s ‘new normal’ (BY ANDREW MEACHAM)
> Proposed Vero auto museum excites local car collectors (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Second major island beach repair project put on hold (BY SUE COCKING)
> Vero picks mostly younger residents to serve on riverfront redevelopment steering committee (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No daily tickets for this year’s Mardy Fish tennis tournament here (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Strong slate of local lawyers seeks to replace retiring county court judge (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 41 - Week of October 8, 2020
> COVID-19 cases on island are high for a second week (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Study of county’s high infant mortality rate enters final phase (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 cases pop up at Vero Beach High and Liberty Magnet (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Snowbirds returning to island earlier this year (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero to modify new sand screens after beachgoers protest missing ocean view (BY SUE COCKING)
> Supervisor of Elections: ‘We’ve never had this many mail-in ballots before, not ever’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Diverse group applies for Vero’s Three Corners Steering Committee (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 40 - Week of October 1, 2020
> 500 island homes with septic systems face deadline (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Retired Vero Beach surgeon running for Hospital District board (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 cases remain high here; island total jumps (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Things ‘working out’ for Vero gyms as clients return (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Honeymoon over between school superintendent and teachers union (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Why have far more students been quarantined than teachers? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District reports more ordered to quarantine for COVID-19 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> School Board wants electrocardiograms for student-athletes (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Pickup truck driver in crash that killed college rower sues Holy Cross for injuries (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Prostitution sting charges dropped; defense says that’s not enough (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Environmental regulators cracking down on lagoon pollution (BY SUE COCKING)
> South Beach dune replenishment project delayed for at least a year (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 39 - Week of September 24, 2020
> Grand Harbor: Trouble in mainland paradise (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> VNA to build new facility near hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County judge will retire midterm after 24 years on the bench (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> COVID-19 cases here rise after several week lull (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> First COVID cases reported at St. Ed’s lower school, Indian River Charter High (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Nemours Pediatrician ‘strongly recommends’ kids get flu vaccine (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> When will Indian River County get more CARES Act cash from the state? (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Harbor branch study traces life of dolphin (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 38 - Week of September 17, 2020
> 32963 real estate has record summer (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sebastian River hospital struggles to fill patient beds (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Cut in state funding reduces services to special needs adults (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Beachside salons, spas hoping for a surge in October (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> COVID-19 cases on island drop to summer low (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero police suspended enforcing beachside parking limits (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Domestic violence has spiked in county since start of pandemic (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Vero Beach City Council decides to focus on riverfront development costs (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Natural gas won’t be coming soon to Vero’s barrier island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> U.S. Supreme Court asked by county to hear last-ditch Brightline appeal (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Best time of the year for surf anglers has arrived with the ‘mullet run’ (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 37 - Week of September 10, 2020
> State confirms major problems at Sea Breeze (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New COVID-19 deaths slow in past week locally (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> A ’better-than-expected’ summer (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Quarantined students set to return to their classrooms this week (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Five candidates join race for Vero Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No election needed: Shores to usher in 3 new council members (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 16th Street ballfields property may not be sold to a developer after all (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Professional tennis tourney to return to Vero in October (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 36 - Week of September 3, 2020
> Faces of pandemic: Couple dies three days apart (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID death toll doubles during August (BY LISA ZAHNER & MICHELLE GENZ)
> Positive tests at one elementary school worry parents:‘We are all afraid’ (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Indian River Shores poised for a most unusual election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Graves says he is close to a deal with county on sale of 16th Street ballfields (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Just two weeks left for property owners to approve beach project (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 35 - Week of August 27, 2020
> Senior facilities may soon be open again to visitors (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Riverside Theatre goes dark for 2020-2021 season (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Symphonic Association cancels coming season – another casualty of pandemic (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Teachers union, school superintendent working more closely than ever (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Parents nervous, kids excited as Beachland welcomes pupils (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI & STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> St. Ed’s graduates facing strange freshman college year (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> St. Ed’s delays start of practice for football and volleyball (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Riverfront planner tells Vero Council: There is no Santa (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Speed limit being temporarily reduced to 35 mph on A1A in Indian River Shores (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Ryder’s gourmet market opening on Cardinal Drive (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> One week left to qualify for Vero council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oldest house in Vero becomes a landmark once more (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero tries to collect $440,000 in fines for illegal vacation rental (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 34 - Week of August 20, 2020
> COVID-19 cases way down here, but county death rate continues to rise (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Visits to loved ones may be permitted at senior care facilities (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Prospering despite the pandemic (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Students returning to school in person to be trained on computer (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero High football coach: ‘’Excited to have a season’ (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Village Beach Market closing until October for renovation (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New senior living facility opens in midst of pandemic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 33 - Week of August 13, 2020
> Thieves steal Vero Beach Museum of Art’s donor info (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 death rate here above state average (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachland Elementary pupils to face new kind of school day on return (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> As classrooms reopen, top Vero doc agrees: ‘The much greater risk will be for teachers’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Councilman Neville says he still plans to push for mandatory mask ordinance (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> No shortage of COVID-19 testing supplies here at moment (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Health Dept. has funds for new positions, but no employees yet (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mosquito Control District brings in new bug-killing drone (BY SUE COCKING)
> Brightline scraps Virgin Trains USA deal, and will resume using old name (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Here’s what Indian River County voters will find on the Aug. 18 primary ballot (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> County introducing cuttings from rare plant to save it from extinction (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 32 - Week of August 6, 2020
> COVID infections, deaths here nearly double in 2 weeks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> When the nursing home finally called: ‘Whatever happened with your dad?’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Do summer camp experiences provide model for school? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hurricane shelters for pandemic era get a light test (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic Indian River moves up in rank among Florida hospitals (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> $25 million sale breaks record for island residences (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> A1A road project a traffic nightmare – so wait until season (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Scaled-down riverfront plan capitalizes on Vero’s natural assets (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> EEOC closes probe of allegations of racial discrimination in County Tax Collector’s Office (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 31 - Week of July 30, 2020
> 57 cases of COVID-19 – and 5 deaths – at Sea Breeze (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County buys 20 thermometers for $2,200 each (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Community group advocates for mask-wearing during pandemic (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Retired Vero fighter pilot aims to bring down Congressman Posey (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Conceptual plan for less ambitious version of Centennial Place to be unveiled Friday (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New owner plans to take Fairlane Harbor mobile home community to ‘the next level’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Community needs assessment finds many families struggling (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Confederate flag ban signals new era for county schools (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 30 - Week of July 23, 2020
> COVID-19 cases soar, but fewer are hospitalized (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> With COVID-19 surging, any return to classrooms postponed by two weeks (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Getting a swab stuck up my nose at the Indian River County fairgrounds (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Vero Beach postal employee tests positive for COVID-19 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach restaurants struggling to survive the pandemic (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Fairlane Harbor mobile home park sold for $36 million (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County faces loss of $17 million for repairing beaches (BY SUE COCKING)
> Marina expansion moves ahead despite objections by Moss (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 29 - Week of July 16, 2020
> County moves on mandatory masks but Vero resists (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Long-term care’s lonely lockdown extended to Sept. 5 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Kids and COVID-19: Pediatricians not sure what lies ahead if schools reopen (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Schools say most kids here will return to their classrooms in August (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Island hotels having surprisingly good summer despite pandemic (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> New Sebastian hospital wing nears completion at critical time (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero will rely on reserves to meet city’s budget needs (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County projects $5.5 million hit to revenue but no cut in services (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero Beach High holds unique graduation for class of 2020 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 28 - Week of July 9, 2020
> Councilman finds contact tracing here is another farce (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Local Cleveland Clinic hospital president sees ‘critical’ need for a mask mandate (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Did ER tech bring COVID-19 into hospital ER? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New self-administered COVID-19 swab tests hold promise for wide-scale testing at home (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Some county first responders testing positive for COVID-19 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> More Ocean Drive shops requiring customers to wear masks (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> St. Edward’s releases tentative August reopening plan (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Traditional classrooms or virtual school? Family decisions loom (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> ‘Mayor of the Airwaves’ loses local radio outlet (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero again seeks bed-tax money to help fund city lifeguards (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 27 - Week of July 2, 2020
> Bobby’s bartenders first to test positive for COVID-19 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Unknown phone number might be a ‘contact tracer’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> 20 residents test positive, two die, at Rosewood Manor (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Indian River schools requiring masks on buses; encouraging masks in classrooms (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero’s Majestic 11 theater reopens, and then closes again (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Many here complacent despite dramatic jump in COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> CEO Barsoum leaves Cleveland Clinic Florida hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 scare delays Brian Burkeen felony sentencing (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 26 - Week of June 25, 2020
> ‘Please’ hasn’t worked; time for ‘Mandatory’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> COVID-19 cases nearly double in just seven days (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Teachers and pupils to be masked when public schools reopen Aug. 10 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Local preschool closes after 3-year-old tests positive for COVID-19 (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> John’s Island service group funds attorney to help those facing eviction or foreclosure (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Plan for riverfront development moves step closer to reality (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero lifeguard rescues man caught in surf in Palm Beach (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)

Edition 25 - Week of June 18, 2020
> Since lockdown eased, alarming COVID-19 surge (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Slow results render nursing home tests useless (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County and Vero not testing wastewater for coronavirus (BY SUE COCKING)
> Law enforcement, firefighters getting COVID-19 antibody testing (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is back in business (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Farmers Market Oceanside reopens to lots of shoppers (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Indian River Estates uncovers 18 cases of COVID-19 via testing of residents, staff (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Susan Adams, three others win re-election without opposition (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> GOP leader Jay Kramer’s wife in school board race (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> County’s Republican voters get to pick our next sheriff (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Good news for the lagoon: seagrass recovering near the Sebastian Inlet (BY SUE COCKING)
> New hangar at Vero airport set for completion in July (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Road widening work set to start on seven-mile stretch of state road A1A (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 24 - Week of June 11, 2020
> Easing of curbs here sees surge in COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic folds its testing tent, but warns against relaxing social distancing (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Business brisk at boutiques in Village Shops (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Parent of Sebastian River hospital taken over by physicians (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Grand Harbor GM receives threat; club members complain about handling of shutdown (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Snowbird finds quarantine more strictly enforced in Canada (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero City Hall leaks (the water kind) may lead to move (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island Club golfing couple has an amazing 16 holes-in-one (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County’s school tax referendum will be on Aug. 18 ballot (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Sea Watch resident leads effort to protect rebuilt dunes (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 23 - Week of June 4, 2020
> Increased testing produces surge in COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic may have saved life of our hospital (BY TOM LLOYD)
> What was the rush to reopen door for vacation rentals? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State finally doing more COVID-19 testing in elder care facilities (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Jobs come back as island businesses rebound from shutdown (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> ‘Tidal wave’ of court cases makes social distancing a challenge (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> How will public school work when classes resume Aug. 10? (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Security tech arrested for video voyeurism at Wackenhut mansion (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Computer models show small ocean flow would improve flushing of Bethel Creek (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 22 - Week of May 28, 2020
> No new COVID-19 cases on the island in the past month (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No one checks on self-quarantine of visitors from NYC (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Is Vero Beach tourism on the road back? (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Blue Star Brasserie first fine dining restaurant to close (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> COVID-19 safety measures bring profound changes to VNA Hospice care (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New county courthouse rules to go into effect on reopening Monday (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Surgeon’s appeal of life sentence rejected (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Who did – and didn’t – get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> North barrier island beaches slated for fall renourishment (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County gets grant to remove 7 derelict boats from the lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 21 - Week of May 21, 2020
> When COVID-19 hits home (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Neville voice of reason on rapid Vero reopening (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The Patio, iconic Vero restaurant, closed and for sale (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Private clubs again providing amenities shut down by pandemic (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island’s seasonal residents staying longer to avoid problems up north (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Vero pulmonologist masterminds meal delivery to frontline workers (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Local real estate market comes roaring back from slowdown (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 20 - Week of May 14, 2020
> Infection number sounds good, but more tests needed (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero churches cautiously reopening for worship (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Childcare a problem for parents ready to return to workplace (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Some laid-off workers in the county getting unemployment benefits; others still waiting (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Chief judge hopes to reopen court house by June 1 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Sebastian River Medical Center gets 'D' grade for safety from Leapfrog (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Council member apologizes for attack on Vero airport director (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Councilman Graves threatens to sue Vero Beach Air Show (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Good news: Loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles nesting here earlier than usual (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 19 - Week of May 7, 2020
> Vero’s beachside reopens (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> 3 local long-term care facilities now fighting COVID-19 ( BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero native now a researcher battling coronavirus in lab ( BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 2 dialysis patients in county test positive for novel coronavirus (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Pandemic shifts a ‘dream wedding’ to Vero’s South Beach (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Students learning at home, but badly miss school and want to go back (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Sebastian River Medical Center nurses on pandemic front lines (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Residential construction going strong on barrier island despite coronavirus (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Peter Benedict, ‘patriarch’ of St. Ed’s, dies at 84 (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 18 - Week of April 30, 2020
> High span to replace drawbridge at south end of island (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Bob McCabe, 80: Philanthropist who was ‘always fun’ (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> COVID-19 infection hits two more Vero elder care facilities (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Residents allowed to return to Vero’s island beaches (sort of) (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Healthcare agencies look for new ways to serve during pandemic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> 14 arrested in Indian River County for violating stay-at-home order (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Riomar residents say FPL ‘mangling’ live oaks (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)

Edition 17 - Week of April 23, 2020
> Three deaths at HarborChase up county total to 4 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Did HarborChase conceal COVID-19 infections? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County’s first death from coronavirus a ‘good, sweet lady’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> 2 local banks capture $79 million to provide paychecks to workers here (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> John’s Island service league issues $200,000 challenge grant to raise money for COVID-19 fund (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Woman, 82, seeking heart medication pulls pistol in Walgreens drive-through (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Is Elite Airways hoping to resume Vero flights? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero Council revives stormwater tax proposal voted down in 2017 (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 16 - Week of April 16, 2020
> Health officials need to be more open about virus (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS )
> Two hospital caregivers tested positive for COVID-19 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Coronavirus seen slowing approval of plan for redevelopment of riverfront (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harbor Branch hopes to tap stimulus research funds (BY SUE COCKING)
> No follow-through on self-quarantine of out-of-state visitors (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Faulty unemployment system works best in the wee hours (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Alma Lee Loy, 90, ‘Vero’s First Lady,’ dies on Good Friday (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Tom Bakkedahl hoping to take over as State Attorney after Colton steps down (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 15 - Week of April 9, 2020
> Island still has only handful of COVID-19 cases (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Type of mask doesn’t matter in battle against COVID-19 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ann Marie McCrystal, eternal optimist, looks to the future with hope (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sebastian River Medical Center, smaller of county’s hospitals, furloughing staff (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Publix revamps ‘senior shopping’ initiative after rough start (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> First week of at-home learning for public school students seen a success (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Leatherback turtles making early appearance on our quiet beaches (BY SUE COCKING)
> Pet shelters prepare for possible influx of animals if owners fall ill (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 14 - Week of April 2, 2020
> Will curbing travel from hotspots help keep COVID-19 at bay? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County’s first responders have sufficient personal protective equipment for now (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Piper Aircraft steps up to manufacture face shields needed by Cleveland Clinic (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Behavioral Health Center facing new tests in pandemic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hotel space offered to hospital if extra rooms needed (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island real estate market remains active despite coronavirus (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> United Way leads response of nonprofits to COVID-19 (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)

Edition 13 - Week of March 26, 2020
> Vero comes late to the pandemic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> John’s Island bridge player tests positive for novel coronavirus (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Grand Harbor couple does right thing in self-isolating (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indian River County (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No coronavirus cases at the county jail so far, despite extra inmates (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> What caused rift between the Humane Society and county? (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Father Richard Murphy dead at 80 (BY NICK SAMUEL)

Edition 12 - Week of March 19, 2020
> Set up telehealth account now! You may need it later (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island’s private clubs cutting back as precaution (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> For a magic moment, Vero still sits in coronavirus-free ‘bubble’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School of choice initiative is moving full STEAM ahead (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Drive underway to create mental health ‘center of excellence’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island’s two busiest intersections to get extended turn lanes (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Construction of ELC centerpiece pavilion set for fall (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 11 - Week of March 12, 2020
> Norovirus gives eldercare facilities not-so-dry run (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Seminoles weigh suits to shut down illegal slots here (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Upgrades in progress at five private clubs (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Health officials urge seniors to avoid large gatherings and close contact (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Local drinking water supply not threatened by coronavirus (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> If coronavirus closes schools, Internet may not be alternative here (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Scientist: Water to flush Bethel Creek would only flow one way (BY SUE COCKING)
> Barrier island Democrats bet on Joe Biden ahead of primary (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> School superintendent apologizes after losing temper at meeting (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 10 - Week of March 5, 2020
> Failing grades for Vero’s large nursing homes (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Youth Sailing boathouse vital part of Centennial Place (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Black achievement plan approved by the School Board (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> What you need to know as COVID-19 approaches Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER AND 32963 STAFF)
> Piper Aircraft: No business interruptions thus far because of coronavirus in China (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brian Burkeen sentencing for tire thefts set for April 30 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachside businesses may have to chip in to expand parking (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> County: State must make sure railroad crossings are safe for Virgin’s high-speed trains (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 9 - Week of February 27, 2020
> Sheriff gives pass to local arcades on illegal slots (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Island sees boom in new home construction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Lawnwood’s new Emergency Room battles Cleveland Clinic for patients (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Retired asst. fire chief headed for trial by tire | NEWS ANALYSIS (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> HUD report: Unsheltered homeless here highest in the country (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Could teachers find a home at the Indian River Mall? (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Accused island fraudster said to have violated long-standing trust (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 20, 2020
> Cleveland Clinic set to increase minimum wage (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Marine Bank sees growth in assets, loans and profits (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> AT&T gets stronger signal than Verizon off Shores cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Changes coming to bridge intersection (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Retired CIA leader writes about 32 years with agency (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Accused reality TV show fraudster will likely battle cancer in jail (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Fourth judge may finally rule in Harbor Branch lawsuit (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero city attorney seeks to unmask anonymous plaintiff filing lawsuits (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Barrier island boundary shift appears to be sailing through state legislature (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 7 - Week of February 13, 2020
> Cleveland Clinic gains a star in federal ratings (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Court cases from last year’s sex trafficking sting drag on slowly (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Centennial Place: No word yet on cost, or where the money would come from (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Home-health nurses accused of theft from elderly remain free (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> High-stakes battle for 2 School Board seats (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Virgin Trains operating losses top $200 million (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 6 - Week of February 6, 2020
> D’Agresta billed school district over $2.4 million (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Increased access to treatment needed for teen depression (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Brian Barefoot plans to run for seat on the School Board (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harry Howle ponders entering race for County Commission (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Rail construction not starting here this year (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Dale Sorensen Real Estate, largest brokerage in county, has record year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County tourism director files complaint of being drugged (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 5 - Week of January 30, 2020
> Big surge in kids seeking mental health assistance (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Felony charges filed against tourism director (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sheriff’s captain let off after theft probe (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Abandoned citrus packing houses poignant reminder of glory days (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> County unlikely to kick in to keep Elite flying from Vero (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Seminar to discuss flushing Bethel Creek with seawater (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> New program may see local schools compete for students (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero City Council backs Sen. Mayfield’s rail safety bill (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 4 - Week of January 23, 2020
> Cleveland Clinic making major changes to ER (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New super:‘Bold steps’ needed to improve schools (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Lagoon waterfront saved from development (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Community Church bids farewell to Revs. Baggott (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School Board seeks options for replacing outside attorney (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> High school likely to start later in the future (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Why did state wait so long to bring charges in boating death? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero City Council ‘blindsided’ by airport funding problem (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Mystery public-records lawsuits plaintiff strikes again (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 3 - Week of January 16, 2020
> Sebastian River gets new CEO but troubles continue (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> After years of pursuit, does Vero not really want commercial air service? (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Randy Gori, 47, of Orchid Island slain in Illinois robbery (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> In dramatic reversal, Vero now seeks train station (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Sheriff Loar: ‘This guy is lying to you’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Federal judge reprimands School Board’s hired attorney (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> County seeks ‘critically eroded’ designation for beaches (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Local tennis pros compete in 25th annual King of the Hill (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Michael Jones appeals conviction for murdering nurse Duve (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 2 - Week of January 9, 2020
> Former DirecTV CEO, wife key in United Way drive (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> ‘Three hurricanes worth of sand’ added to beach (BY SUE COCKING)
> St. Ed’s stakeholders lobby school’s trustees to reinstate fired coach (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Portuguese man o’ war again bringing pain to island beaches (BY SUE COCKING)
> Accused murderer seeks counsel from ex-lawman father | NEWS ANALYSIS (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Massive construction crane only sign in county of Virgin Trains construction (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> New superintendent impresses high school teachers and staff (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 1 - Week of January 2, 2020
> Is someone trying to derail sheriff’s candidate Flowers? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Battle of the gourmet food markets ahead (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Dr. Donald Ames, pioneering Vero surgeon, dies at 83 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Lawyer says county tourism director was drugged at bar prior to fracas with police (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Will county appeal Virgin Trains ruling to Supreme Court? (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Will the name Centennial Place become official in 2020? (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 52 - Week of December 26, 2019
> County’s bid to block train near end of the line (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Susan Moxley: An ‘absolute blessing’ for our schools (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Cleveland Clinic announces generous new parental leave policy for employees (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Bookkeeper accused of stealing to fund cocaine habit (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mystery plaintiff sues school district over cellphone records (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 51 - Week of December 19, 2019
> Was accus ed killer too drunk to waive his Miranda rights? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School attorney rapped for rogue desegregation filing (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> County’s new weapon against invasive plants: A goat herd (BY SUE COCKING)
> Vero balks at county’s wastewater terms but still exploring pros and cons of partnership (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> St. Ed’s students keep aid flowing to Bahamas in colorful cargo container (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Overall health of lagoon seen slightly improved over last year (BY SUE COCKING)
> Homeowners worry about new bridge for Virgin Trains (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)

Edition 50 - Week of December 12, 2019
> School Board told three local charters ignore deseg order (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Cleveland Clinic sees openness with patients key to improvement (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Support grows for preserving ‘Big Blue’ at Centennial Place (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Accused reality TV fraudster seeking reduction in bond (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Elite Airways resisting Vero’s bid to raise airport fee (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Train-related deaths prompt new focus on safety measures (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Is paid parking becoming latest trend downtown? (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 49 - Week of December 5, 2019
> Major renovation set for hospital’s maternity ward (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> FlightSafety Academy surrenders accreditation (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School’s outside lawyer disdains NAACP input in writing deseg report (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Home nurses accused of defrauding seniors remain free (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tow trucks busy hauling cars out of Old Dixie lot (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> The Source plans Dignity Village, 100 tiny homes for homeless (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 48 - Week of November 28, 2019
> 32963 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Top global planning firm helping shape future of Centennial Place (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New Lawnwood Hospital ER opening in south Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Virgin Trains USA reveals construction plans for extending service through Indian River (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Justice for Duve family took more than five years (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS )

Edition 47 - Week of November 21, 2019
> Jones confessed Duve slaying to defense witness (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic takes over nearby research center (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> New superintendent comes with record of transforming schools (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> With Fort Pierce out, nearest Virgin Trains stop looks like Stuart (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Corporate Air expanding again to keep up with increased general aviation traffic (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> School Board hires new staff to help comply with desegregation order (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Scientist pinpoints seasonal variations in beach sand loss (BY SUE COCKING)
> Orchid Island imports golf director from Firestone Country Club (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 46 - Week of November 14, 2019
> ONE Sotheby’s buys brokerage from Thorpes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sebastian hospital safety rating falls; downgraded to ‘C’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> State funds study of how to clean up Bethel Creek (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Vero Beach Country Club undertakes multimillion-dollar revitalization effort (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Centennial Place could give Vero the vibrant riverfront that it lacks (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> School Board narrows superintendent search to 6 semifinalists (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> 10-year plan to clean up the lagoon approved by the EPA (BY SUE COCKING)
> New Vero City Council members emphasize public input (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 45 - Week of November 7, 2019
> School Board to develop plan for deseg order (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Piper unveils plane that can land at push of a button (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Sebastian River Medical Center a chronic ‘late pay,’ according to its local vendors (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sand replenishment starts at Tracking Station Beach Park (BY NICK SAMUEL)
> School Board says search firm it hired is a $50K flop (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Mental health testimony seen key in sentencing of Jones (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tradewinds restaurant project seen dead in the water (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Sheriff and deputy found not liable in death of Susan Teel (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Local ISIS supporter who threatened attacks in Vero unfit for trial (BY NICOLE RODRIQUEZ)

Edition 44 - Week of October 31, 2019
> Tracking Station park set to close for beach repair (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Patient volume a focus; hospital CEO replaced (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Palazzo Di Mare, aka ‘barcode lady’s house,’ again up for auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Jones’ sentencing to take place amid new concern over Florida death penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Most Vero candidates see need for more beachside parking (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Virgin Trains: More counties want aging bridges replaced (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Environmental Learning Center expansion underway (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 43 - Week of October 24, 2019
> Luxury seaside condos set for Florida Tech site (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Circumstantial evidence key to Jones’ conviction (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 8 local bird species are seen threatened by climate change (BY SUE COCKING)
> Virgin Rail seeks local support for costly new bridge (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Sebastian cop acquitted in death of K-9 partner (BY GEORGE WHITE)
> U.S. Customs facility at Vero airport will come at no cost to city taxpayers (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Teachers get pay increase and bonus, but agreement falls short of what union was seeking (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Beachside parking fixes seen costing $500,000. Where’s the funding? (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 42- Week of October 17, 2019
> Is School Board ready to comply with deseg order? (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> If this bridge closes, what happens then? (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Defense disputing everything in trial of Michael Jones for strangulation murder of girlfriend (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Grill eases dress code for lunch, but not for dinner (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Students of all ages spend day immersed in ‘Lagoon 101’ (BY SUE COCKING)
> Eight running for Vero Council agree on need for public input (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> City and county urged to explore wastewater partnership (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Could a lifeguard on duty have saved latest drowning victim? (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 41 - Week of October 10, 2019
> Sebastian Inlet Park may drop its fees for some (BY HENRY A. STEPHENS)
> Jones’ murder defense: Hard to understand? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Home split between counties may finally go to Indian River (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Central Beach sand replenishment hits snag (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Vero marina expansion seen as a 10- to 20-year project (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> 29 Virgin Trains deaths fuel push for new safety regulations (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Shores v. Vero water battle to resume with mediation scheduled for October 25th (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Crab Stop restaurant moving to location of the former Cajun Cove (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in dolphins in lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 40 - Week of October 3, 2019
> Will Jones be star witness at own murder trial? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> It’s dumb. It’s against law. But few get a ticket (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Wabasso bridge is named after person who never existed (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Panel sees busing as way to promote racial equity in schools here (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Innovative oyster mats filter millions of gallons of polluted lagoon water (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 39 - Week of September 26, 2019
> Social media may be factor in choice of jurors for Jones (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Ocean Drive gets new bar, new Bottle Shop owner (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Special playground equipment makes recess better for students with physical disabilities (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Virgin Trains won’t start laying tracks here until summer (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Work again proceeding on Blue at 8050 Ocean condos (BY LISA ZAHNER AND NICK SAMUEL)
> Dorian damage to sea turtle nests not as bad as was feared (BY SUE COCKING)
> Beach path by Surfsedge moves ahead; completion expected in November (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of September 19, 2019
> Nonprofits seek updated data on area social needs (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Vero’s effort to provide hurricane relief to Bahamas continues to grow (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Accused slayer Jones files last-minute pretrial motions (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Council members reaffirm desire to move sewer plant off lagoon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Riding the rails: A view of the future from a locomotive (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Equity Committee hoping School Board will set more specific desegregation goals (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Community forums create profile of ideal Indian River School superintendent (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero man details horror of Dorian’s Bahamian blitz (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Still time to sign up for Saturday’s Coastal Cleanup (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 37 - Week of September 12, 2019
> Hospital patients moved to safety in storm evacuation (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Dorian causes $7 million in beach erosion here (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Vero City Council race has a surprise field of 8 running for 2 open seats (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Commissioner Solari to retire at end of term (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Many local nursing and assisted living facilities also evacuated (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Rey Neville: Fascinating tale of political newcomer with Vero roots (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County still figuring out how many turtle nests were destroyed by Dorian (BY SUE COCKING)
> Council not pleased with Mayor Zudans’ official letter to San Francisco (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 36 - Week of September 5, 2019
> Will School Board try to skirt law in search for Superintendent? (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Is staff still secretly hoping to keep sewer plant on lagoon? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero pickleball club interested in building courts at Dodgertown (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Tax Collector’s Office hit by ex-employee’s discrimination claim (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Sebastian’s latest annexation seen likely to draw lawsuits (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Treasure Coast Community Health opens in Gifford (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> 2 McKee Gardens palms declared ‘champion trees’ (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 35 - Week of August 29, 2019
> School Board’s search firm has a shaky record (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Bitcoin ATMs offer criminals new way to get your money (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> State report: Drinking water source for Vero Beach ‘in pitiful condition’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero High swim team worries about closure of Leisure Square pool (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Changes to Endangered Species Act threaten lagoon wildlife (BY SUE COCKING)
> FPL hardening its grid to reduce tropical storm outages (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Broad public involvement sought in planning for Centennial Place (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Jones’ quest for new legal team may delay start of murder trial (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New extended-stay hotel to open this fall on Route 60 (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 34 - Week of August 22, 2019
> Rendell said to hide info from School Board (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Courts rebuff Jones’ bid for pretrial ‘religious fast’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach airport seeking go-ahead for customs facility (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> 3 more St. Edward’s graduates heading to Harvard this fall (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Two more beach replenishment projects to start late next year (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Colton picked to oversee Florida probe of Epstein’s 2008 plea deal (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Local employers having trouble finding skilled workers (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Scientist: Toxic algae blooms not ‘going away anytime soon’ (BY SUE COCKING)
> County furious with Waste Management over trash contract (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 33 - Week of August 15, 2019
> Neighbors worry about expansion of Vero Marina (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Prosecution lays out evidence it wants to use in Jones murder trial (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Council to discuss options for moving sewer plant off lagoon (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> More teachers, fewer subs in classrooms as new school year starts under new leader (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Blue-green algae toxin found in tissues of bull sharks in Lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)
> County deploys 2 artificial reefs south of the Sebastian Inlet (BY SUE COCKING)
> Sheriff and deputies deadlocked over pay raises (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 32 - Week of August 8, 2019
> Hospital tied for 27th out of 269 in Florida (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> More low-income residents getting access to healthcare (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Investors bilked by firm raising funds for ‘JetSet’ TV show (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero may annex oceanfront property, enabling developer to build condos (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Was community better off when Vero and county had joint recreation department? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County set to crack down on use of recycling bins for garbage (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> School Board set to pass new bylaw after meeting confusion (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> New school district CFO inherits ‘a financial mess’ (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Number of osprey nests at Blue Cypress Lake down from last year (BY SUE COCKING)
> ‘Very old’ human bones found at condo construction site in Shores still being studied by experts (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores beefing up its rainy-day financial reserves (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 31 - Week of August 1, 2019
> Ocean Grill icon, ‘Pops’ Mitchell, passes at 83 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Longtime Community Church ministers to retire (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Top broker leaves Morgan Stanley while under cloud (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Differences between Vero and Shores over reuse water price have widened (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District will spend more than $1.1 million to put police in all schools (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> School Board considers replacing costly general counsel (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 30 - Week of July 25, 2019
> Beachland, under new principal, is again top school (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Mersky sees St. Ed’s future as ‘incredibly bright’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Former Sebastian River CEO hired as No. 2 at Lawnwood (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Cleveland Clinic sees admissions surge (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Council considers building new City Hall at Centennial Place (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> More than 100 may testify in Michael Jones murder trial (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Leisure Square pool closure not final yet (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 29 - Week of July 18, 2019
> How city spent money from sale of Vero Electric (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Can an inflow of ocean water clean up Bethel Creek? (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Two local nursing homes don’t have generators for hurricane season (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Historic house completes move to Indian River State College (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Somerset Academy moving ahead with plans for new 1,700-student charter school near Pointe West (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Accused murderer gets another trial delay (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> 6 local schools, including Beachland, get better grades (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Capt. Milo Thornton promoted to high-ranking position (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Green sea turtles seen nesting on our beaches in record numbers (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)

Edition 28 - Week of July 11, 2019
> School district wasted $750K on deseg fight (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> New rail bridge seen diminishing Old Florida ambiance (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Lawnwood undertakes $100 million expansion (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Computer crash forces doctors to cancel entire week of appointments (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School anti-violence program will be expanded in the coming year (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Proposed Sebastian annexation is opposed by county officials, environmentalists and IRNA (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Laura Riding Jackson house is on the move, heading for new home (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 27 - Week of July 4, 2019
> Schools spend $10 million to beef up security (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Virgin Trains faces challenge with downtown crossings (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Jones Pier property being restored to take visitors back to Old Florida (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> New texting while driving law seen very difficult to enforce (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Judge to make recommendations for new teacher contracts (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> School district finances are in better shape than expected (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 26 - Week of June 27, 2019
> High-speed rail to make crossings more dangerous (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Can the increasingly empty Indian River Mall survive? (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> 180-foot freighter Voici Bernadette becomes the Treasure Coast’s latest artificial reef (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> County passes ban on pet store sale of dogs bred at ‘puppy mills’ (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> School District is getting new chief financial officer (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> School anti-violence program seen as success (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Former Press Journal building eyed for specialty grocery store (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Teacher contract negotiations go to mandatory mediation (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Accused Duve slayer seeks video testimonial from grandma (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sunshine Physical Therapy hopes to treat more children for free (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Council votes to retain consultant to help with plan for Centennial Place (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Human skeleton found in the Shores still a mystery (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 25 - Week of June 20, 2019
> 1 minute ER ‘exam’ results in $2,000 bill (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Solari: New county offices on island ‘wasteful’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> With electric rates down, utility activist calling it a day (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State assigns rail administrator to help oversee Virgin Trains safety upgrades here (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Crowded jail big factor as Sheriff seeks budget hike (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Riomar Country Club renovates clubhouse; completion seen in first quarter of 2020 (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Public access expanding at Oyster Bar Conservation Area (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Laura Riding Jackson house about to begin journey to new home (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 24 - Week of June 13, 2019
> Palm Garden on list of troubled nursing homes (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> A week of discoveries: Sunken treasures and human remains (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Super Stop store on Cardinal Drive sold; future plans unclear (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Work starts on north island sidewalk and seawall project (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Continuing teacher exodus is likely to cost school district $1 million this year (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Shores’ new traffic light on A1A near Town Hall now operational (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Central Beach townhome residents caught between city and landlord (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Prosecutor offers prostitution sting ‘johns’ more lenient deal (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 23 - Week of June 6, 2019
> Duve’s accused slayer seeks to stage religious fast (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island in midst of luxury oceanfront building boom (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Virgin Trains set to start work on tracks here by end of year (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Ken Puttick, longtime auto dealer and developer, dead at 71 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Youth Sailing’s bid for expansion at Centennial Place termed premature (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Property values up substantially last year, but tourism revenue declined 2 percent (BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ)
> Seaweed on our beaches: ‘It looks like this will be the worst ever’ (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 22 - Week of May 30, 2019
> Central Beach burglaries tied to open garages (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island rental prices soar on high demand, low inventory (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Sheriff’s Office under fire in Twitter cyber-stalking probe (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Treasure Coast Community Health to take over Gifford Health Center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School Board holds off on raising employee health insurance rates (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero given 90-day notice in Shores dispute (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 21 - Week of May 23, 2018
> Safety grade of Sebastian River Medical Center soars (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Prison stay ending for Heaton, but sentence not over (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> St. Sebastian River still in trouble, despite cleanup efforts (BY SUE COCKING)
> Island turtle nests up 60 percent over last year at this time (BY SUE COCKING)
> Spa cases on hold as prosecutors appeal suppression of video evidence against ‘johns’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero Beach spa worker accused of prostitution remains in jail on $150,500 bond (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Health Department to stop providing primary care (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 20 - Week of May 16, 2019
> Vero’s beaches to finally get infusion of sand (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> FAU insider: Red ink led to grab for Harbor Branch funds (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Treasure Coast Community Health also trying to serve island patients in need (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School Board hires Susan Moxley as interim superintendent (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> Fletcher charged with aggravated assault (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oslo Road interchange: Last big I-95 project here (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI )
> Vero not budging on reuse water rates for the Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 19 - Week of May 9, 2019
> Interim school superintendent pick seen near (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> Founder of Village Beach Market dies at 73 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Construction of homes at east end of Wabasso bridge now underway (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Windsor golf course, grass gone, being restored to Robert Trent Jones design (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Indian River County high schools get poor ratings (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Effort to strip specialty license plate funds from Harbor Branch fails (BY SUE COCKING)
> No Vacancy? Top jobs at Vero Beach City Hall filled (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Laura Riding Jackson house will be moved soon to college campus (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 18 - Week of May 2, 2019
> School Board looks to move forward after Rendell’s departure (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> 2 Vero nursing homes get worst rating–again (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> John’s Island ‘not giving up’ on pipeline project (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Vero Utilities: No plan for replacing old water pipes (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harbor Branch could lose $1.4 million if vanity license plate money redistributed (BY SUE COCKING)
> Polish-American Club files $1 million suit in aftermath of coup (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 17 - Week of April 25, 2019
> Sheriff’s spycam gets half-naked innocent woman (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Virgin Trains finally raises funds for expansion here (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> School superintendent resigns; take job as principal in Brevard (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Jones again convicted; shows no emotion as widow addresses court (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Shores decides proposed dog law is not yet ready for prime time (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New Cleveland Clinic signs going up at hospital complex (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores hires attorney to pursue reuse water rate relief with Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 16 - Week of April 18, 2019
> Rendell’s effort to dictate exit terms gets little support (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Public Guardianship Program moving to Senior Resource Assn. (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Fish Foundation up for talks on Riverside tennis partnership (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Defense focused on charges of racial prejudice in Jones retrial (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Is snook caught in lagoon a world record for six-pound test line? (BY SUE COCKING)
> German shark victim returns to Vero, meets with rescuers (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Indian River Shores is getting new A1A traffic light (BY LISA ZANHER)

Edition 15 - Week of April 11, 2019
> The winner of the naming contest is ... Centennial Place
> Irate ex-mayor charged in gun incident at home (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Retrial of accused killer of island man off to a slow start (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> John’s Island pipeline project heads for showdown at County Commission (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Defense confident spa videos will be suppressed (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Verizon gives shores another new date (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Piper sales soar; company expects to add more workers (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 14 - Week of April 4, 2019
> School Board talks seriously about replacing Rendell (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> New guidelines expand access to healthcare (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Ford dealership passes from Velde family to Mullinax (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores demands action from Vero on rates for reuse irrigation water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Elite Airways will resume seasonal flights to Asheville and Portland (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> 35 scientists conduct first survey of invasive fish in Indian River County waters (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 13 - Week of March 28, 2019
> New tap water rates for Shores seek to deter waste (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Star Suites makes Riverside ‘an even more coveted gig’ (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> County government services coming soon to new office in Central Beach (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School superintendent hires lawyer as board members talk of dismissal (BYAUTHOR)
> While acting as his own lawyer, Jones undermined his murder defense (BYAUTHOR)
> Verizon now hopes to finally go live on Shores cell tower in April (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Officials fear escalating railroad crossing maintenance costs (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Village Beach Market still interested in store in Orchid (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 12 - Week of March 21, 2019
> Cleveland Clinic looks at complication rate for maternity cases (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Rendell on shaky ground with three School Board members (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> At last, prospects appear bright for Vero Beach Marina (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Taxpayers dig deep for murder defense (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Were men arrested in sting hit with wrong charge? (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 11 - Week of March 14, 2019
> Hospital ratings confuse patients, cause concern (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero to replace aging water main in John’s Island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Police, park department move to clean up Pocahontas Park (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Harbor Branch Foundation and FAU are back in court with a new judge (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Roofing company faces dozens of complaints over work not done (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Judge denies motions of man charged with DUI manslaughter (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 10 - Week of March 7, 2019
> Sheriff Loar won’t seek re-election; Flowers, Rosell quickly in race (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Judge: New trial of accused killer of Brian Simpson to start April 8 (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Utility wars redux: Shores and Vero now at odds over reuse water rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> With new No. 2, Cleveland Clinic to focus on efficiencies (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Val Zudans chosen to lead Vero into next century as mayor (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Train critics seek upgraded safety measures for Virgin Trains USA (BY GEORGE ANDREASSI)
> Federal government gives area hospitals relatively low ratings (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 9 - Week of February 28, 2019
> Environmental Learning Center loses 2nd top exec (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Future of Gifford Health Center remains unclear (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New Beach Planet store opens on Ocean Drive (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Local governments still spraying with suspected carcinogen (BY SUE COCKING)
> Vero Beach (sort of) clarifies council election ordinance (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Judge asked to not loosen bond conditions in DUI death case (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 8 - Week of February 21, 2019
> Gifford rappers suspects in Vero deputy’s slaying (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> After long wait, more sand coming to Vero beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State seeks to raise history of violence in Jones murder trial (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Tuesday’s City Council election: Old Vero versus new Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bond terms eased for accused John’s Island home healthcare aide (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Seagrass beds in Indian River Lagoon near Vero found to be relatively stable (BY SUE COCKING)
> Pilot study gets underway on horseshoe crabs in the lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 7 - Week of February 14, 2019
> The challenge of joining up with Cleveland Clinic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> A Cleveland Clinic leader’s first visit to Vero’s hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> If Publix supermarket does not come to Orchid, Village Beach Market interested (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> What’s really going on with former INEOS facility? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Construction about to get started on Lawnwood’s Vero emergency room (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 6 - Week of February 7, 2019
> Orchid residents overwhelmingly oppose Publix shopping center (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Polish Americans to finally get their Social Club back (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> For an island family, the front is very near (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic Indian River board features both new and familiar faces (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Defense ordered to share mental info on accused Duve killer (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Area hospitals will help patients predict cost of a procedure (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Cleveland Clinic land buy hints at a new hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Suspects allegedly attempt to flush drugs with deputies outside bathroom window (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero High student creates app to predict algae blooms in lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 5 - Week of January 31, 2019
> Environmental Learning Center director resigns (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Spawning sea trout a good sign for our lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)
> County clears way for eco-friendly expansion of Grand Harbor (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero real estate broker arrested for bilking big-time clients (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> Musical chairs: Shores hires manager; Vero looking (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School district seeks dismissal of lawsuit by beaten student (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> New proposals sought for expanding Gifford Health Center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Longtime Dodgertown GM Callan still on job after takeover (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 4 - Week of January 24, 2019
> Answers sought for high county infant mortality rate (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital preparing to contract out jobs of service workers (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> City Council approves site plan for Rowing Club boathouse (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Curtis Huff Jr. charged with insurance fraud (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Are School District reserves running dangerously low? (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero may consider local talent in search for new city manager (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Wesley Davis making changes at Property Appraiser’s office (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 3 - Week of January 17, 2019
> Beach Planet store coming to Ocean Drive (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Man gets probation in hospital ruckus (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> City Manager Search: Vero Beach just getting started (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City Manager Search: Shores hoping end is in sight (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Coldwell Banker Paradise merges with bigger firm (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Few immediate changes seen at Cleveland Clinic Indian River (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Planning starts in earnest on future of Vero’s riverfront (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Convicted felons in Indian River County reclaim voting rights (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 2 - Week of January 10, 2019
> Lagoon Council creates ‘roadmap’ to restore estuary (BY SUE COCKING)
> Little League return seen setting off new youth baseball wars (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Wesley Davis seen likely to shake up office of property appraiser (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Acupuncturist Jill Jaynes:Was this what the judge had in mind? (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Few wear masks to help stop spread of flu at clinics (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge remains open despite federal shutdown (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 1 - Week of January 3, 2019
> Piper Aircraft sales soaring, hiring surges (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Sebastian Inlet dredging yields sand for beach renourishment (BY SUE COCKING)
> Island retailers report this was a great holiday season (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> School District facing penalties for inflating number of kids bused (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Two healthcare aides face up to 60 years if convicted of exploiting elderly John’s Island couple (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Damaged equipment blamed for Shores cell tower woes (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital district shifts focus to ‘population health’ as it seeks to upgrade Gifford clinic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 52 - Week of December 27, 2018
> Vero Beach 32963 celebrates its 10th anniversary! (BY HENRY K. “BUZZ” WURZER)
> Cleveland Clinic to take over our hospital on January 1 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> A judge deals with disorder in the court (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> ‘Regulatory disconnect’ at state level factor in pollution at Blue Cypress Lake (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> County’s Dodgertown deal with MLB gives Vero leverage in parking negotiations (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Man being retried for island murder gets a new lawyer (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Is Shores missing a bet as it searches for a new town manager? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 51 - Week of December 20, 2018
> Vero hospital board meets for last time (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School finance chief - suspended, demoted, then reinstated - quits (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero to FPL: ‘It’s finally all yours’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Opposition to island Publix grows; flat roof now seen as issue (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New Cleveland Clinic board begins to take shape (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County receives no bids on construction on new courtroom (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> New Vero Beach planning director focused on development of Cultural Arts Village (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Right whales on the brink of extinction despite protection (BY SUE COCKING)
> Unusual development opportunity on Shores oceanfront (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 50 - Week of December 13, 2018
> Harbor Branch trial delayed by judge’s recusal (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> County sues to establish public access to Summerplace beach (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN )
> Longtime harbormaster out as complaints about troubled Vero City Marina mount (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> The Strand about to emerge as the newest community in Shores (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS )
> Laura Riding Jackson House moving to college campus (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA )
> State agrees to reduce speed limit on A1A in shores to allow wider bike lanes (BY RAY MCNULTY )
> Virgin Group partnership seen big plus for high-speed train (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> Orchid doesn’t plan referendum on an island Publix (BY RAY MCNULTY )

Edition 49 - Week of December 6, 2018
> Judge refuses to dismiss charges in ‘pill mill’ case (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> Indian River hospital’s medical education program expands (BY MICHELLE GENZ )
> Great white shark Katharine returns to our waters (BY SUE COCKING )
> Historic day for Vero electric customers and staff two weeks away (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> Opponents of island Publix launch campaign to stop project (BY RAY MCNULTY )
> Do-over Vero Beach City Council election set for Feb. 26 (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> Cleveland Clinic names future president of Vero hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ )

Edition 48 - Week of November 29, 2018
> County overrules attorneys to keep battling Brightline (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ )
> End of an era near (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> New School Board declines to rubber stamp Rendell’s demotion of CFO (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN )
> Vero Council puzzler: What to do about City Marina (BY LISA ZAHNER )
> Will undocumented immigrants still get free care at the E.R. after Cleveland Clinic takeover? (BY MICHELLE GENZ )
> Additional airlines seen interested in flying to Vero Beach (BY RAY MCNULTY )
> Who will be named to fill property appraiser vacancy? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 47 - Week of November 22, 2018
> PSC staff puts electric sale back on track (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District nominates 3 for Cleveland board (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Florida vote: Claims again of irregularities – but not here (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brightline foes may be nearing the end of the line (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Judge issues stern rebuke to deputies, dismisses charges against Vero man (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Water rates to go up in the county for many in new year (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 46 - Week of November 15, 2018
> Sebastian River hospital gets an improved grade (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Plans for Publix in Orchid seem on track despite foes (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Vero’s TV 10 sold to Spanish-language network (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Surprise gift adds pre-Christmas magic to fundraiser for children with cancer (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Upgrades ahead for historic Jones Pier(BY SUE COCKING)
> Merchon green, defeated for school board, picked to chair racial equity committee (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Old Vero Council may yet see completion of electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 45 - Week of November 8, 2018
> Vero Council election saga not over yet (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beaches back to normal after unprecedented red tide siege (BY SUE COCKING)
> New Shores Community Center coming along slowly (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> MLB seen making Vero hub of youth programs (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School district cheats employees on health insurance (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Indian River Shores residents win battle to block sidewalk (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Islander accused of murdering his wife struggles in court (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 44 - Week of November 1, 2018
> No good outcome seen in bizarre Vero election saga (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> From the air, it looks great. But maintenance problems abound (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Rare jewelry heist in broad daylight jars The Moorings (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> School District once again has to borrow millions to pay bills (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Unlicensed building contractor charged for 3rd time (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Indian River Land Trust restoring 30 acres of habitat along U.S. 1 (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 43 - Week of October 25, 2018
> Red tide puts big damper on outdoor dining (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> No decision likely on Vero electric before New Year (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Steward moving fast to replace top execs at Sebastian hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> From Wabasso Beach Road, the proposed Orchid Publix may look like this (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island physician settles injury dispute with drilling company (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Manned sub to dive to deepest spot in world’s oceans (BY SUE COCKING)
> Hospital District set to expand services at Gifford Health Center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Four named to new school panel to resolve issues of racial inequality (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 42 - Week of October 18, 2018
> Lawnwood prepares to build an ER on the former site of the Quilted Giraffe (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New Cleveland board to have familiar faces (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sebastian River hospital rocked by changes at top (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> State to hold new hearings on A1A bike lanes, sidewalk Nov. 1 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Judge loosens bail conditions for acupuncturist Jaynes (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 41 - Week of October 11, 2018
> Electric hearing delayed a week by Hurricane Michael (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘The stars have aligned’: How two Midwesterners led the way in forging the Cleveland Clinic deal (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> More hospital news from Sebastian, Stuart & St. Lucie (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County to file suit to make section of beach in Summerplace public (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Central Beach woman gets nine months for Shores jewelry theft (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Vero plowing ahead with contested Council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 40 - Week of October 4, 2018
> Old guard makes late bid to thwart Vero electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland takeover of hospital moves ahead (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Trial of accused killer of Diana Duve seen finally starting early in new year (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> One local golfer to tee off in Senior Women’s Amateur Championship at Orchid Island Club (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Publix moving slowly ahead on north island supermarket (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Mardy Fish tennis tournament returning to Boulevard (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero man arrested for trying to sell homemade bomb (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> AT&T takes the lead in shores cellphone service (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District to fund school violence prevention (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sea trout spawning sounds offer hope for lagoon (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 39 - Week of September 27, 2018
> Police: Boyfriend attacks woman in Golden Sands Park (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Who’s going to fund school anti-violence program? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Central lagoon in fair condition, but better than north or south (BY SUE COCKING)
> Seagrass making slow recovery near Sebastian Inlet (BY SUE COCKING)
> New push to finally solve Central Beach parking problem (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Acupuncturist Jill Jaynes pleads not guilty to felony charges (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Sheriff’s Office says helicopters not flying more than usual (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Stay tuned for yet another bizarre Vero Beach election (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of September 20, 2018
> Whole Family Health’s role continues to grow (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Developer: I will work with Dodgertown (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Broad consensus for no new sidewalk, but wider A1A bike lanes (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New marine laboratory coming to Vero Beach (BY SUE COCKING)
> Shores still hunting for a town manager (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Man arrested after returning to island home to reclaim illegal drugs (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Electric sale continues to edge forward despite challenges (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County comptroller critical of school district financial controls (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Police nab man for illegally picking saw palmetto berries (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 37 - Week of September 13, 2018
> Caregiver charged with stealing from Marbrisa woman (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> 2 disqualified from Vero Council race; 4 candidates left (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> John’s Island plan for pipeline under lagoon hits snag (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Be thankful for cold snaps. Not too many iguanas are roaming around here – yet (BY SUE COCKING)
> Three in the running for two Shores Town Council seats (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Drive parking kiosk idea draws scant support (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Jill Jaynes’ acupuncture clinic open, but is she involved? (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)

Edition 36 - Week of September 6, 2018
> Pro-sale forces go on offensive in electric battle (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River renovates hospital rooms as merger looms (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Despite School Board hoopla, little progress here on 1960s federal desegregation order (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Citrus Grillhouse now hoping to reopen from fire by Valentine’s Day (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Neuroscience center at Tradition: competitor or adjunct for IRMC’s comprehensive stroke center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Jimmy Graves sports complex will be ready to open this fall (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> ‘Very interested’ restaurateurs eyeing Ocean Drive location (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 35 - Week of August 30, 2018
> Hospital future may be clear by late September (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Off our coast, the hunt for sunken treasure (BY SUE COCKING)
> Shores asks state to kill sidewalk, widen bike lane (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 2,300 sign petition to let Farmers Market keep using Ocean Drive parking lot (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Some restaurants ban straws from beach, but not city government (BY SUE COCKING)
> Acupuncturist Jill Jaynes closes popular clinic; now facing fraud charges (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> County, Shores move to back Vero at PSC on electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ELC told to get professional help with plans for campus (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Repair work slow at Vero City Marina (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores hires former Melbourne Beach town manager (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 34 - Week of August 23, 2018
> Cleveland Clinic seen moving quickly on telemedicine (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital takeover agreement to be unveiled Sept. 25 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Delay in Vero Electric sale not likely to create budget problems for city (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> AT&T to beat Verizon in providing improved cell service to the Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Engineering firm to analyze Blue Cypress Lake problem (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> More fines in Central Beach for violating baby sea turtle ordinance (BY SUE COCKING)
> ‘He’s on it!’ Hunting alligators in the Stick Marsh (BY SUE COCKING)
> Senior Women’s golf final at Orchid Island to be filmed by FOX (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 33 - Week of August 16, 2018
> Petition drive shows support for electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New luxury condo development in the Shores (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Builder hopes Vero will approve sale of former Dodgertown Golf Club (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New artificial reef to be sunk in ocean next week offshore from Windsor (BY SUE COCKING)
> Elite discontinues popular flights to White Plains (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero airport says handicapped parking not a problem (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School Board renews Rendell’s contract despite poor reviews (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 32 - Week of August 9, 2018
> Vero beachside having a busy summer season (BY FEDERICO MARTINEZ)
> Hospital District grapples with indigent care (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Ocean Drive condo fined for violating sea turtle light law (BY SUE COCKING)
> Environmental Learning Center unveils ambitious masterplan for expansion (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Enthusiasts seek wider bike lane when A1A is resurfaced next year (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Atlantic Classical Orchestra moves to Community Church (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Harbor Branch launches first-ever citizen-scientist effort to study lagoon fish population (BY SUE COCKING)
> Shores approves zoning for Surfsedge development (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 31 - Week of August 2, 2018
> Indian River proposing $50 copay for ER (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Large power users pose real threat to Vero Electric deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lottery winner building huge home in Ambersand Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Laura Riding Jackson house likely moving to Indian River State College (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Boca hospital will not be joining Vero in Cleveland Clinic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County passes six-month moratorium on biosolids (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 30 - Week of July 26, 2018
> Vero Electric sale suffers major setback (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cleveland Clinic CFO sees Oct. 1 close for merger (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> John’s Island hit by luxury car thieves (BY NICK SAMUEL)
> Judge rules accused killer of nurse will face death penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No change coming in Vero nursing home ratings (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> City aerating bethel creek as part of cleanup effort after sewage spill (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Fortunately, sargassum not too bad on island beaches (BY SUE COCKING)

Edition 29 - Week of July 19, 2018
> IRMC becoming comprehensive stroke center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sidewalk along Bethel Creek road draws few complaints (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island panhandler takes midday break to ‘grab a cold beer’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Residents of The Shores worry about safety of reuse water pipeline (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Court of appeals allows ‘pill mill’ evidence (BY BETH WALTON)
> State will withhold $2.1 million from School District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 28 - Week of July 12, 2018
> PSC: Vero got ‘extraordinary’ price for utility (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Controversy erupts at Moorings over beach path closure (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Windsor Park Residences bring iconic island community closer to build-out (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Prosecutor: Vero surgeon in drug case to ‘die in prison’ (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Whole Family Health rescinds job offer to proposed CEO (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero summer getaway: Field trip to the Bahamas (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 27 - Week of July 5, 2018
> Whole Family Health’s hunt for CEO stalls (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Owner sought of second ‘derelict’ sailboat in lagoon (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County voters get to choose new judges (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero moves to get old sewer plant off lagoon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Suspense mounts as Vero and the Shores wait on electric ruling (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School Board member resents advice on reducing legal fees (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> County seeks to ban bio-sludge polluting Blue Cypress Lake (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 26 - Week of June 28, 2018
> IRMC seeking to curb abuse of ER through a co-pay (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New SRMC meds-by-computer system to boost safety (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
Somerset Academy finally gets green light for new K-8 charter school here (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Harbor Branch launches new program focusing on lagoon threats to health (BY SUE COCKING)
> Rechter helps Vero out, steps up to buy post office in Old Downtown (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Is Coast Guard at fault for boat catching fire and sinking? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Cox delays ruling on ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense (BY BETH WALTON)
> Developer now plans no townhomes on Dodgertown Golf Club site (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 25 - Week of June 21, 2018
> SRMC not helped by Medicare delay on ratings update (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Escrow agent convicted in Heaton hotel case (BY BETH WALTON)
> Delay in PSC’s formal approval of Vero electric sale not seen delaying close (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County approves new rules for accelerating septic-to-sewer switch (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores officers save life of John’s Island Alzheimer’s patient (BY BETH WALTON)
> Brian Heady sues Vero, alleging his rights have been violated (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oceanfront home in the Shores sold at auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 24 - Week of June 14, 2018
> Attorney on trial for conspiracy in Heaton hotel case (BY BETH WALTON)
> Cleveland seen expanding medical training here (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Will valet stands or garage be answer to parking shortage in Central Beach? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Keep fingers crossed on Vero Electric sale for three more weeks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School Board candidates say current board not doing its duty (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Algae blamed for lack of fish near inlet last winter (BY SUE COCKING)
> Old Dodgertown golf course development plan moving forward (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 23 - Week of June 7, 2018
> Power surcharge strongly opposed by local officials (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Stalled restaurant project hunts far and near for tenant (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Top water official says county facilities polluting lagoon (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Judge Cox to rule whether Stand Your Ground can be applied retroactively (BY BETH WALTON)
> Clearing for The Strand, new community next to Palm Island, underway (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> All Aboard Florida gets time to sell bonds for Orlando stretch (BY BETH WALTON)
> ‘Marsy’s Law’ could become part of Florida constitution (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 22 - Week of May 31, 2018
> Vero arts groups take stock of cuts in state funding (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero facing final hurdle to electric sale in PSC (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> IRMC may charge non-emergency copay to ease ER crowding (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Owner of half-sunk boat by 17th St. Bridge to be charged (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Plans unveiled for new luxury community in The Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 21 - Week of May 24, 2018
> Mental Health Association leader retiring (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Youth Sailing seen tacking toward a Riverside site (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Orchid Island Brewery seeking to move into city building in a park (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Former Norris brokerage booms as part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores town manager calling it quits after 28 years (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Major construction project underway on Old Winter Beach Rd. (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Jury didn’t buy drug doctor’s story that he was set up (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 20 - Week of May 17, 2018
> Drug doctor’s lawyers bid to recall jurors (BY BETH WALTON)
> Director who brought big names to Sunrise Theatre dumped (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Tipster says Burkeen’s co-workers knew the boss was stealing tires (BY BETH WALTON)
> Sheriff seeks extra funds to cover cost of a lawman for every school (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Cleveland Clinic a finalist to acquire Boca Raton hospital (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Two oceanfront homes to be auctioned off in June (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> School superintendent plays fast and loose in presenting report card (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 19 - Week of May 10, 2018
> UF psychiatry clinic gets funds to remain open (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Beach looking for firm to take over city marina (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County landfill hits height limit, so new section to be opened (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> St. Ed’s sues family for breach of contract (BY BETH WALTON)
> Residents fear Publix would increase traffic on Jungle Trail (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Signs of increased pollution at Blue Cypress Lake reported (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Yearly financial report shows county is lean and growing (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Island burglaries may be work of gang active in 3 counties (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> John’s Island building apartment complex for seasonal staff (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Generally good job, unemployment news for county (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 18 - Week of May 3, 2018
> Drug-dealing doctor facing life in prison (BY BETH WALTON)
> Sebastian River gets failing grade for hospital safety (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> With Vero electric utility sold, next targets are water-sewer and trash (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tom Slater rejoins Shores Town Council, and becomes mayor (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Police arrest suspect in jewelry theft from village shops (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 17 - Week of April 26, 2018
> Opposition to new Orchid Publix mounts among island neighbors (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Woman makes off with rings from Village Shops boutique (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Witnesses build drug case against Johnny Benjamin (BY BETH WALTON)
> County: No money for railroad overpasses (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Designer defends effectiveness of Spoonbill Marsh (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 16 - Week of April 19, 2018
> Killer of Simpson to defend himself in murder retrial (BY BETH WALTON)
> ‘Holding my son, I watched the flames in disbelief’ (BY BETH WALTON)
> Lifeguards say more towers needed to cope with increase in beachgoers (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> State law on beaches seen solution to problem that doesn’t exist here (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Three applicants seek seat on Shores Town Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores keeps eye on Vero Electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island resident gets 7 years for fraud in Connecticut (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 15 - Week of April 12, 2018
> Former manager of Nino’s pizzeria pleads to theft (BY BETH WALTON)
> Speeders taking shortcut off A1A being targeted (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Publix moving ahead with plans for island market, liquor store (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> After fire, Citrus Grillhouse to reopen with new look in October (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Palm Island Plantation finds sweet spot in housing market (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Piper’s China order would not be impacted by threatened tariffs (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 14 - Week of April 5, 2018
> Island jolted by smash-and-grab on Ocean Drive (BY BETH WALTON)
> Brian Barefoot: Epitome of an elected official (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Several proposals for the relocation of historic house (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Any local buyer for the downtown Post Office? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Dodger Pines Country Club property remains vacant (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Victims’ plea for leniency spares Island Club burglar a long prison sentence (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 13 - Week of March 29, 2018
> Cleveland Clinic may add Martin, St. Lucie to Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Prosecutor: State not stalling on road-rage shooting (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Wachter retiring after 4 decades of service at St. Ed’s (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> More progress on electric sale but the deal not done yet (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Man accused of sex crime at Disney resort in plea deal (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 12 - Week of March 22, 2018
> Tiny ‘offending’ image leads IRMC to toss large artwork (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital seeks to reduce delays at jammed ER (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island’s biggest house, sold 3 months ago, back on market for $29.9M (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Dr. Anton Post out as director of Harbor Branch after just 15 months (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Weapons indictment added to drug charges against Vero doctor (BY BETH WALTON)
> 2 nursing aides arrested for defrauding John’s Island couple (BY BETH WALTON)
> FMPA approves letting Vero exit statewide power co-op (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 11 - Week of March 15, 2018
> Doctor: $2.5M fraud settlement was ‘shakedown’ (BY BETH WALTON)
> Daughter on Teel shooting: ‘I wish deputy had waited’ (BY BETH WALTON)
> New questions raised about effectiveness of Spoonbill Marsh (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero Beach looking for ways to improve municipal marina (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Will Boca hospital join IRMC as part of Cleveland Clinic? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> $6.9m north island ceanfront spec home coming onto market (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 10 - Week of March 8, 2018
> County losing half of its judges to retirement (BY BETH WALTON)
> Hospital officials tour Cleveland Clinic Florida (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> SRMC set for expansion under new owner (BY TOM LLOYD)
> Proposed takeover of Leisure Square by nonprofit unlikely (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Publix hoping to build ‘upscale’ supermarket on island in Orchid (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Indian River NAACP asks School Board to curb Tiffany Justice (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> 8050 luxury condo project in Indian River Shores ‘on hold’ (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 9 - Week of March 1, 2018
> Cleveland Clinic seen developing major center here (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Vero Electric clears another hurdle as FMPA exit nears (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores Council okays John’s Island pipeline deal for reuse water (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Laura Riding Jackson House faces an uncertain future (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Oslo Road boat ramp waters could become nation’s first protected fish spawning area (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Partners program fights high infant mortality rate (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 8 - Week of February 22, 2018
> Health Department’s tax funding for indigent care cut 60 percent (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Texas man with big plans buys INEOS facility (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sheriff’s deputy accused of using excessive force in subduing man having a seizure (BY BETH WALTON)
> Broken line repaired that spewed sewage into Bethel Creek (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Sheriff’s deputy who shot susan teel is cleared, but lawsuit likely to drag on (BY BETH WALTON)
> School Board member pushes her personal agenda (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> 2 arrested for pulling out signs that had been posted to discourage panhandling (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Indian River continues the fight to stop Brightline (BY BETH WALTON)
> Indian River Charter High gets a 15-year renewal (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 7 - Week of February 15, 2018
> Duke phaseout seen natural part of Cleveland takeover (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Johnny Benjamin’s woes started with Michigan pot bust (BY BETH WALTON)
> Polish-American group wins lengthy legal battle to reclaim club on U.S. 1 (BY BETH WALTON)
> Christmas tree-like cell tower rises over Shores town offices (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County eyes Aviation Blvd. extension to the hospital (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 6 - Week of February 8, 2018
> Medical center again outsources emergency room (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Impact of future Cleveland Clinic changes weighed (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> The Moorings plans major expansion of the club’s racquet sport facilities (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero City Marina to finally get needed repairs, renovations (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County gears up for next round in battle against All Aboard Florida (BY BETH WALTON)
> School Board split over size of raise for Rendell (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores delays approval of John’s Island reuse water pipeline (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County urges state lawmakers to keep beaches open (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero puts up signs in bid to put a damper on panhandling (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Disney Vero Resort guest says mold caused health problems (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 5 - Week of February 1, 2018
> Cleveland Clinic closer to putting Vero on its map (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> IRMC board is unanimously for Cleveland (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital district picks Cleveland on 4-to-3 vote (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Johnny Benjamin claims his stash of pills seized illegally (BY BETH WALTON)
> Long-awaited Shores cell tower to be delivered to site next Tuesday (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Click. Click. Have you voted yet? Click. Click. (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Riomar oceanfront lot sells for ‘bargain’ $4.4 million (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Contractors sued over collapse of Portales De Vero parking lot (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 4 - Week of January 25, 2018
> Speed bumps, but no road blocks, for Vero electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Who will take over hospital? Final vote Tuesday (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> George Heaton strikes plea deal in Vero Beach Hotel and Spa financing scheme (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero Beach Rowing hires director to take club to the next level (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> John’s Island real estate market hot after a record year in 2017 (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero approves extra $200,000 for emergency beach repairs (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 3 - Week of January 18, 2018
> Hospital tours wrap up; time to narrow list nears (BYAUTHOR)
> FMPA meeting seen advancing Vero electric sale (BYAUTHOR)
> Work underway on South County project to curb pollution of lagoon (BYAUTHOR)
> Vero Beach High band hoping to march in London’s New Year’s Day parade (BYAUTHOR)
> County awards contracts for beach repair projects (BYAUTHOR)

Edition 2 - Week of January 11, 2018
> John’s Island seeks to build reuse water pipeline under lagoon (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Visits to IRMC’s four suitors start with Cleveland, Orlando (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Crisis intervention training pays off (BY BETH WALTON)
> $9.9 million oceanfront spec home attracting interest (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New push to control fertilizer runoff into the lagoon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Wicked nor’easter brings pounding 11-foot waves, damaging beaches (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Prosecutor says fatal road-rage shooting still under investigation (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Construction issues again delay St. Paul’s Church opening (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 1 - Week of January 4, 2018
> Osceola teacher fined by state for bullying a pupil (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Work underway on house that will be largest in Riomar (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero electric sale moving forward (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ready or not, the train appears to be leaving the station (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Accused island killer seeks hypnotist to recall details of his wife’s murder (BY BETH WALTON)
> Utility firm sued for negligence by 2 injured along A1A (BY BETH WALTON)
> New traffic light at Fred Tuerk Drive will use smart-signaling technology (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 52 - Week of December 28, 2017
> Heaton trial for mortgage fraud set for Feb. 20 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River Medical Center: Who owns what (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Polish-American Club members lose another battle, but war goes on (BY BETH WALTON)
> Michael Creek, prime subdivision at east end of Wabasso Causeway, coming to life (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Grand Harbor members: ‘A lot of good things underway’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 51 - Week of December 21, 2017
> No early return for 3 Vero recreation facilities damaged by Irma (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Concern mounts month after Bethel Creek sewage spill (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> County saves $1 million on employee health insurance by limiting acupuncture (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Neighbor burglarizes Island Club home (BY BETH WALTON)
> Largest estate on island is auctioned for $19.6 million (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> American Icon Brewery sues over negative online posting (BY BETH WALTON)
> Shores seeks ‘critically eroded’ designation for its beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Building in Indian River Shores approaches 2005 boom (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Former Orchid town official pleads guilty to securities fraud (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 50 - Week of December 14, 2017
> Four suitors vie to take over Indian River Medical Center (BYAUTHOR)
    > Orlando Health (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
    > Hospital Corporation of America (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
    > Adventist Health System (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
    > Cleveland Clinic (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Electric sale to FPL seems to be moving smoothly (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shrimp farm sold at auction to Chinese (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 49 - Week of December 7, 2017
> More minorities taking advanced classes, but how many are passing? (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Hopeful hospital suitors present acquisition plans (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> One of county’s larger employers sues former staff who formed a rival firm (BY BETH WALTON)
> St. Paul’s Church still not quite ready (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores cell tower work begins; Vero tower will be coming down (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Man charged with island murder struggles as own attorney (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 48 - Week of November 30, 2017
> School Board to take more hands-off role (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Modernist architecture taking hold in Vero Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Year after son died, Joe Graves prays for Christmas miracle (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Negligence suits piling up against Vero nursing home (BY BETH WALTON)
> Sewage spill into lagoon worse than early reports (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Night council meetings: Possibly a good move, but badly done (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALSYS)
> Island retailer Jay McLaughlin launching mainland pizza spot (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 47 - Week of November 23, 2017
> Indian River Medical Center’s four suitors (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Raw sewage pours into lagoon from major pipe break (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sticker shock on mainland from new home prices (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vietnam vets reach out to homeless vets rousted from camps by sheriff’s deputies (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores cell tower still on track, but soil needs to be stabilized (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Judge says drug and mental health courts are highly effective (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 46 - Week of November 16, 2017
> Major setback in deal for troubled INEOS bio plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harbor Branch Foundation fights for its endowment (BY BETH WALTON)
> Federal judge orders School Board to mediation before hearing deseg lawsuit (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Work underway on luxury Conn Beach oceanfront condos (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Martin County schools cost less, and results are better (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 45 - Week of November 9, 2017
> Pro-sale forces expand majority in Vero Council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Stunning verdict in Leigh Jewelers robbery retrial (BY BETH WALTON)
> Scammers used local identities to file for FEMA cash after Hurricane Irma (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Interim IRMC CEO focused on hospital operations (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Has deal to buy defunct INEOS plant collapsed? (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> $45 million house on South Beach going to auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Man who shot deputy is convicted of attempted murder, faces life (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 44 - Week of November 2, 2017
> Work finally set to begin on cell tower in Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero visitor to Cuba ponders symptoms similar to diplomats (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> No bail for surgeon being held on drug trafficking charges (BY BETH WALTON)
> Jennifer Benjamin: Pet columnist (BY A STAFF WRITER)
> Even with World Series, not much buzz here about Dodgers (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Windsor expands equestrian center with polo practice field (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Andrew Coffee Jr. convicted of attempted murder of a deputy (BY BETH WALTON)
> After Vegas massacre, security a top priority for December’s Beach Town Music Festival (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 43 - Week of October 26, 2017
> Top hospitals among Indian River’s suitors (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> End in sight for battle to get Vero out of electric business (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Newark school run by monks seen possible model for Gifford (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> O’Malley believes MLB will take over Historic Dodgertown (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Feds take over drug case against Dr. Johnny Benjamin (BY BETH WALTON)
> Judge denies convicted murderer’s plea for new trial (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 42 - Week of October 19, 2017
> Hulk of old power plant becomes stunning brewery (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero doctor accused of big-time drug trafficking (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero Council set to take up electric sale contract on Tuesday (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> U.S. Civil Rights Office opens probe of school district (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Driver gets 11 years for fatal Jungle Trail crash (BY BETH WALTON)
> New charter schools blocked from coming here (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 41 - Week of October 12, 2017
> Judge rules out key evidence in ‘pill mill’ case (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero’s Triton, Aston Martin teaming up on supersub (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Vero mayor comes up with new idea for getting city a share of ‘bed tax’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> $8.2 million slipped into school budget remains a mystery (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Lagoon water levels higher than any time in recent memory (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> British paralympic athletes train (and are feted) in Vero (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Town of Orchid doubles property tax to ensure funding for future beach repairs (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores pulls back from huge one-time tax cut (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Teachers often spend own money for classroom supplies (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 40 - Week of October 5, 2017
> Vero to get electric sale contract next week (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Man accused of trying to kidnap boy from school is committed (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero woman seeks to help Puerto Rico (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Hear, hear! Verizon signs on to Shores cell tower; construction to start soon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero church sued for failure to repay loan given by member (BY BETH WALTON)
> State adding 7-foot-wide bike lanes on 17th Street (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Shores Council approves luxury subdivision called The Strand (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 39 - Week of September 28, 2017
> School Board bid for relief from desegregation order going to judge (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> School Board sued over body slam by a wrestling coach (BY BETH WALTON)
> Christ by the Sea reinstalls windows shattered by vandal (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Irma destroyed up to half of Indian River citrus (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Details of death of John Kim, aspiring politician, remain unclear (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Owner of Village Shops Jay McLaughlin buys Garage Pizza (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Accused island murderer acts as own attorney at hearing (BY BETH WALTON)
> Storm slows the completion of St. Paul’s Church on the island (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 38 - Week of September 21, 2017
> Shores set to buy security camera for Jungle Trail (BY BETH WALTON)
> Fewer homes for sale than usual on oceanfront (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island man, called ‘mini-Madoff, ’ is facing life jail term (BY BETH WALTON)
> Steve Mulvey, passionate founder of Quail Valley Golf & River Club, dies (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Abbott’s Frozen Custard victim of eminent domain (BY BETH WALTON)
> Six candidates running for Vero Beach City Council (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Woman claims she was fired for reporting porn at school (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 37 - Week of September 14, 2017
> Could have been worse (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Audit panel raps school bosses on health insurance (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Charters finally get a $3.3 million settlement from the School Board (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Anti-sale Council faction still seeks to block electric deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Membership up at Yacht Club after renovations (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Gruesome murder case to be retried at county courthouse (BY BETH WALTON)
> Sheriff’s Office ordered to pay $292,000 in auto lawsuit (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 36 - Week of September 7, 2017
> Black-white achievement gap in local schools getting worse (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Star-studded movie is set in Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Barges bring parts to power plant pier – but not to revive Big Blue (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Thousands of tickets fail to solve beachside parking problem (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Developer seeking tenant for planned Ocean Drive restaurant (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County police agencies not pursuing illegal immigrants (BY BETH WALTON)
> 200 attend South Beach memorial for Ryan Marcil (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 34 - Week of August 24, 2017
> School Board asks no questions about $30M in spending (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Elite suspends some fall flights due to low demand (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Charters to finally get fairer share of tax dollars from School District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> FPL moves massive equipment through Vero streets in wee hours (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Zorc: School Board ‘voting blind’ on the budget (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Hospital room renovations will cost $2 million (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Firefighters sue over hearing loss; blame loud sirens (BY BETH WALTON)

Edition 33 - Week of August 17, 2017
> Piper profits up; Vero company is once again hiring (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Trial still not near for accused killer of nurse Diana Duve (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Construction can’t keep up with island new home sales (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Do sea turtles know something we don’t about hurricanes? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Small consulting firm leading hospital merger effort (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Electric sale moving forward; substation to be moved (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 32 - Week of August 24, 2017
> South Florida fraud scheme comes to Vero (BY BETH WALTON)
> Changes needed in how School Board gets info on budget (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Hopes rising over outlook for Vero Electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Executive turnstile spins once again at IR Medical Center (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Sale of FIT Marine Lab property has potential to be big win-win (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Emergency room doctor Dudley Teel seeks full inquiry into wife’s death (BY NICK SAMUEL)

Edition 31 - Week of August 3, 2017
> New student code of conduct vetoed as too complex (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Schools give no raises to lowest-paid workers (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Being late to party slowing construction of Shores cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Driftwood sued for negligence over fall from deck (BY BETH WALTON)
> Few places locally to be allowed to sell medical marijuana (BY NICK SAMUEL)
> Sheriff’s office faces multiple civil lawsuits (BY BETH WALTON)
> Buggy Bunch renovating old building in Vero’s downtown (BY BETH WALTON)
> Shores residents to get $2 million in tax rebates (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 30 - Week of July 27, 2017
> Hospital push for nonprofit partner may pose problem (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> What led to FIT marine laboratory’s demise? (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Caregiver, who stole from John’s Island senior, back in jail (BY BETH WALTON)
> Vero attorney arrested for battery domestic violence (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Fired Gifford principal rehired for a new post (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Big Tobacco about to go back on trial once again in Vero (BY BETH WALTON)
> If it ain’t broke ... Vero wastes time on City Council terms (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)

Edition 29 - Week of July 20, 2017
> School District lost one teacher in six last year (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Dick Golden, jazz radio host:‘The music moves you’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero finally getting serious about marina repairs (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Meg Laughlin: Reporter with a thirst for truth and justice (BY ELINOR J. BRECHER)
> Beloved cafe reopens as Frères Patisserie (BY STEPHANIE LABAFF)
> Rising property values make it easier for governments to set budget priorities (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Landlord gets rid of tenant who complained of rat infestation (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Purchase of defunct INEOS plant in home stretch (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 28 - Week of July 13, 2017
> Major changes for our hospital won’t come easy (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Vero’s Grady Bunch heads off on a summer adventure (BY RUSTY CARTER)
> Shattered stained-glass windows returning to Christ by the Sea (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Holiday Inn remodeling a few years off (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Elite Airways’ new Vero to Asheville flights look promising (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero’s STEP sewer system ready for island hook-ups (BY SIOBHAN FITZPATRICK AUSTIN)
> Attorneys negotiating amount School District owes charters (BY DEBBIE CARSON AND KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 27 - Week of July 6, 2017
> Chinese bid on 32963 estate, but don’t win (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> School leader’s contract extended on 3-to-2 vote (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Construction set to begin soon on Ocean Drive restaurant (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores residents still waiting for start on cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marine Bank planning to open new branch in Brevard County (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Army Corps to pay John’s Island developer more than $10 million (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sale of Shores oceanside property closes; beach path next (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 26 - Week of June 29, 2017
> School District trying to hide huge legal bills (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Winger bid to take lead in electric talks short-circuited (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Former Moorings tennis pro focusing on fishing company (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> St. Paul’s Church is expected to be ready by October (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island racing legend Redman inducted into British Hall of Fame (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Matilde Sorensen amazing No.104 nationally in 2016 sales (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 25 - Week of June 22, 2017
> Hospital told time has come to find partner (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Judge orders School District to pay charters (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> My Vero: School District hopes fees will discourage questions (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> A reminder of how Vero got stuck with $50M exit penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Neighbors divided over need for sidewalk along Live Oak Road (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 24 - Week of June 15, 2017
> New delay in sale of INEOS ethanol plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Time may have come for Vero to consider paid parking (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Island seeing uptick in California buyers; one wins Moorings auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Andy Capak recovering from Grove bar shooting (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero police chief defends Grove shooting investigation (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sheriff and deputy are cleared in 2015 death of a prisoner (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Educator who knows Gifford Middle returning to the school as principal (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 23 - Week of June 8, 2017
> FPL purchase of Vero Electric hits roadblock (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Simpson’s convicted killer to be held here pending a new trial (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Summer storm clouds form over Grand Harbor (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Police response to Grove bar shooting saw total confusion (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘Barcode lady’s house’ at south end of island to be sold in new auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Dick Winger substitutes his opinion for city code (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Financial accountability may be coming to School District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 22 - Week of June 1, 2017
> No reason for ouster of Beachland Elementary principal (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Plans of new owners of Sebastian River hospital a concern for IRMC (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School District cleans house at Gifford Middle (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Premier Estate Properties team on track for record year amid changes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Regulars turn out for Seaside Grill’s 25th anniversary (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 21 - Week of May 25, 2017
> Fall vote possible on proposals for electric property (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> What’s the story on the Grove Bar shooting? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Restaurant rumors rife in Central Beach ahead of Council vote (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> American Icon Brewery launch now delayed until Labor Day (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sebastian Inlet jetty reopens for fishing despite objections (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Marine Bank first quarter earnings up 20 percent (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School Board member calls teachers union leaders ‘thugs’ (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Piper’s revenue up more than 60 percent in 1st quarter (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Burt Reynolds coming to Vero film festival (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 20 - Week of May 18, 2017
> Council votes to move forward with FPL offer for Vero electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Troubled youth behind vandalism at Christ by the Sea (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Sebastian principal cleared of sexual harassment charge (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Orchid may double property tax rate (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores to hold line on property taxes (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 19 - Week of May 11, 2017
> What’s new in FPL offer for Vero electric? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District: No comment on harassment probe (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Funding for Old Vero Man dig site in question (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Another big sale in Vero’s estate section (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Less-than-hoped in the Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sale of INEOS plant expected to close in summer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tracey Zudans is named to Hospital District (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 18 - Week of May 4, 2017
> Hundreds pack Vero Beach Book Center to meet Bush (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Controversial school official’s post eliminated (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Target date for new Shores cell tower slips to Labor Day (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Rehearing sought on reversal of Jones’ murder conviction (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores parcel to be auctioned Saturday (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival clarifies structure (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The Islander Inn has dibs on disputed parking spots (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 17 - Week of April 27, 2017
> No public bids sought for $1M school contract (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Prosecutor: Reversal of Simpson murder conviction ‘inconceivable’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No suspects yet in brazen island condo burglaries (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Church vandalism mystery deepens (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Crashes, near misses prompt push to close northern section of Jungle Trail to cars (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Council tries to tamp down Vero electric sale speculation (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Trial of George Heaton in bank fraud case set for next February (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 16 - Week of April 20, 2017
> Vandals desecrate island church (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Graduation rate here improved (by lowering the bar) (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Wabasso Bridge tops state list for danger to cyclists (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Indian River Shores police seek bigger, faster patrol boat (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> South Beach Property Owners group wants to be player again (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero rises in tennis world; considered for Fed Cup (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 15 - Week of April 13, 2017
> Student code of conduct is bewildering (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Condo residents fret about drones off their balcony (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Fundraiser for wounded pub owner draws huge crowd (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Harbor Branch sues FAU in bid to block a ‘hostile takeover’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Dale Sorensen Real Estate ranks among top 500 U. S. brokerages (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Seagrapes could still trip up Shores auction of beachside lot (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Neighbors file to block construction of Ocean Drive restaurant (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 14 - Week of April 6, 2017
> Hospital puts plan to build $100M tower on shelf (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> School District’s planner champions Common Core (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Heaton adds star attorney to defense team (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Pier collapse dumps woman into lagoon at Vero City Marina (BY SAMANTHA BAITA)
> Wounded bar owner was scheduled to wed this weekend (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Hospital consultants: ‘We trust what you say, but we verify the data’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Taxpayers to get no say on $285M school budget (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 13 - Week of March 30, 2017
> Vero Beach Hotel developer Heaton facing felony charges (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School leaders turn strategic planning into farce (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> After big home auction sale, new estate up for bid (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> End of an era for Ellie McCabe, driving force for philanthropy (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Indian River Medical Center reports financial turnaround (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Orchid hit-and-run victim to be honored at West Point (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores rejects bid to switch auctioneers for town parcel (BY LISA ZANER)
> Omar Hussamy resigns from Hospital District board (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Ay Jalisco owners plan Caribbean cantina for old Long Branch (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 12 - Week of March 23, 2017
> Local voters to get yet another voting system (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Time to get serious about parking problems (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School employees have data disclosed in security breach (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> He’s baaack! Bobby returns to his restaurant on St. Patrick’s (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New shelter set to open its doors for homeless single women April 1 (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Acupuncturist who questioned billing practices gets hate mail (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> O’Malley: Dodgertown golf course would make ‘terrific’ park (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Rail safety bill a nightmare for All Aboard Florida (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 11 - Week of March 16, 2017
> Consultant tells IRMC it must change to survive (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Lagoon loses its devoted champion in Paul Dritenbas (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Reckless driving seen in Shores car fatality (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bill would strip power from Vero and county (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores Town Council flip-flops on density, affirms beach access (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New restaurant building proposed for Ocean Drive would compound parking woes (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 10 - Week of March 9, 2017
> Unlivable rentals seen factor in slide into homelessness (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Hospital reports progress in negotiations with insurers (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Surge in private jet traffic leads to new construction at Vero airport (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School Board to act as judge in ‘testing irregularities’ case (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores reverses decision it just made on beach property (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charters’ bid for more tax money seen nearing verdict (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 9 - Week of March 2, 2017
> Holy Cross Church gets a big surprise: ‘No Parking’signs (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Complications galore as hospital options weighed (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> $9.9 million spec home being built on South Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Gifford principal sharply criticized in teacher survey (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores approves beach access next to parcel to be auctioned (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 23, 2017
> Vero may soon sell Dodgertown Golf Course for homes (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Will Coach Joe be reinstated as teacher tonight? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Four months after Matthew, beach repair near completion (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> After $4 million loss, IRMC leaders put a range of options on the table (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Who is buying Sebastian River Medical Center? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Marine Bank reports net profit of $900,000 for 2016 (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Patisserie chef Mark Edmonds dead at 47 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 7 - Week of February 16, 2017
> Vero electric sale suddenly seems a real possibility (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Near-death experience – and a life saved – at Jungle Club (BY TOM LLOYD)
> House Speaker pays a cash call to our island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Brady Roberts set to define new era for Museum of Art (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores zoning board moves three-lot auction forward (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Coach Joe accuses school bosses of underhanded deal (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Hit-and-run driver who killed Orchid man sentenced to 15 years (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> How’s ‘exceptional’ ed doing? No report from School District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 6 - Week of February 9, 2017
> More old homes torn down as land value rises (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores to sell land in unusual auction (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> One-fifth of teachers at Gifford Middle have quit thus far this year (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Homeless live in camps in woods throughout county (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Trump trade policies seen not hurting Piper (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Community center plans divide Indian River Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Official optimistic FMPA will not block partial sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State audit faults School District on health insurance fund (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 5 - Week of February 2, 2017
> Hopeful buyer of INEOS plans to employ 200 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Drive parking still a mess as GoLine gives up (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Hospital CEO announces decision to retire as losses mount (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shots heard ’round Ocean Pearl fired by duck hunters (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 4 - Week of January 26, 2017
> Hurricane Matthew caused more damage than originally thought (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Good teachers quit, blaming policies they say make it impossible to teach (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Beach repair gets underway at condo near Jaycee Park (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Vero Stormwater Utility Fee endorsed by key commissions (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Council puts off hiring attorney for electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New 10-home subdivision coming to the north island (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 3 - Week of January 19, 2017
> Bioenergy firm ups its bid for INEOS plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bidding war at Central Beach house auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Should kids be operating power boats on their own? (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Attorney tells City Council full sale of Vero Electric not going to happen (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ex-CIA director tells Vero of concerns about Trump (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Erosion uncovers ‘geo tubes’ on beach at John’s Island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Laura Zorc pushes for purchase of land near Vero High (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 2 - Week of January 12, 2017
> Double lots on ocean sought by wealthy buyers (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> American Icon Brewery hoping to open by 4th of July (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> INEOS sale seen moving forward (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City barred from replenishing its eroded beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Promoter of concert says no refunds will be given (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Bondholders must approve Shores electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> FPL plans huge Indian River County solar ‘farm’ (BY SAMANTHA BAITA)

Edition 1 - Week of January 5, 2017
> Buyer emerges for foreclosed INEOS plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School employees use ‘the card’ for fancy hotel stays (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> School District kept inaccurate health insurance records (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Driver who killed Orchid man expected to plead guilty (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> George Heaton gives up on south island hotel project (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 52 - Week of December 29, 2016
> Clinical trials to be open to Vero cancer patients (BY TOM LLOYD)
> Mayor Moss prepared to negotiate first phase of electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District cover-up seen over blame for $7 million deficit in health insurance fund (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Fritz usurps School Board authority in raising retiree insurance premiums (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> No retail shops for Ocean Drive condo (BY PETE SKIBA)
> Shores to consider eliminating aging septic systems (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 51 - Week of December 22, 2016
> Key details still to be worked out in electric deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bent Pine embarks on $4 million renovation (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Miracle baby Kaiden Bracken’s third Christmas (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Rowing Club’s gift to the public: a floating dock (BY MICHELLE GENZ )
> Shores plans to build new enlarged community center (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores cell tower may be operational by Easter (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 50 - Week of December 15, 2016
> Sewer question again is an issue in Central Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Jake’s buddy giving Vero two youth baseball diamonds (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New Harbor Branch director set to deal with big challenges (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Rate study shows Vero electric not becoming competitive (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County teachers hit with huge hike in health insurance costs (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 49 - Week of December 8, 2016
> FPL takeover of Shores electric moving quickly (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Major donors suspend support of Food Bank (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Property owners moving to repair their own beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School Board seeks insurance answers (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> School District credit card spending needs look (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 48 - Week of December 1, 2016
> Zorc seeking to revitalize local School District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Burt Lee’s lifelong dedication to medical excellence (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores could all be on FPL power by next summer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Betsy DeVos, winter Windsor resident, named to Cabinet (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> $5.2 million repaving project coming to 6-mile stretch of A1A (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 47 - Week of November 24, 2016
> Vero Beach Marine Laboratory’s big expansion plans now up in air (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores cell tower may actually be ready this spring (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Three football coaches share season of success (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> FEMA inspections delay repair of Conn Beach oceanfront boardwalk (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Jason Edwards, star of ‘Ring of Fire,’ dies two days after show’s close (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Marine Bank books a strong quarter with increased earnings and deposits (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 46 - Week of November 17, 2016
> Elderly suspect sought in rash of island burglaries (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Windsor condo complex arises along Jungle Trail (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Grandson of Vero’s first mayor new face on the City Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Construction moving ahead at Beachland (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> School District exec resigns after unauthorized spending (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 45 - Week of November 10, 2016
> Vero Council recaptured by majority favoring electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District remains split over IRMC (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> School District backs down on health insurance (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Charter High video finalist in $100K national contest (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Pilar Turner’s farewell: The acrimony will continue (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Shores welcomes two newcomers to Town Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School officials deny de facto privatization of janitorial services (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 44 - Week of November 3, 2016
> Striking new Quail Valley lodge opens on the Pointe (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> School District seeks huge hike in health premiums (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Two locked in key battle for Hospital District trustee (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> School teacher with cancer has insurance cut off during chemo (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Driver of car that killed Cole Coppola to serve time (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores appeals PSC ruling on Vero electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Body cameras being tested by Shores and Sheriff’s Office (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores cell tower finally moving ahead (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 43 - Week of October 27, 2016
> Shores license plate cameras lead to manhunt (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero could levy stormwater utility tax without vote (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> St. Paul’s Church moving forward (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Arrest emerges as factor in last year’s ouster of Coach Joe (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Elections fraud complaint filed against IRNA mailer (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 42 - Week of October 20, 2016
> IRMC told to negotiate better insurance rates (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Beach wins lawsuit over old diesel power plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island home construction booming (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 41 - Week of October 13, 2016
> Judicial candidate had troubled past at Sheriff’s Office (BY JOSE LAMBIET)
> Matthew’s wrath turned away by ‘Kiss from God’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero cops arrested after altercation (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Local businesses take a hit from near miss (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Storm delivers powerful blow to our ocean beaches and lagoon shorelines (BY ALAN SNEL)
> 50,000 lose power as trees cause outages and mess (BY LISA ZAHNER AND RAY McNULTY)

Edition 39 - Week of September 29, 2016
> 32963 Investigation: Questions raised about how Food Bank spent donor dollars (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Sebastian River hospital not impacted by owner’s woes (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Fishermen protest Sebastian Inlet north jetty closure (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores mayor blasts Vero City Council on electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of September 22, 2016
> Hospital exec who departed paid $782K (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Building that served Vero for seven decades demolished (BY ALAN SNEL)
> School District manager overspent on private janitors, then tried to cover up (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Local battle over tax sharing with charters may shape state law (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Island brokerage remodeling office, on track for $700-million year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 37 - Week of September 15, 2016
> Electric utility again top issue in Vero election (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Summer doldrums? John’s Island reports record sales (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores picks up influential backing in electric battle (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marine Bank acquires a Sebastian branch (BY ALAN SNEL)
> $286 million school district budget ‘not based on reality’ (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Mixed reviews for School District’s FOCUS student tracking system (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 36 - Week of September 8, 2016
> Hospital District race to watch on November ballot (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Pilot project would pump sea water into Bethel Creek (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Dr. Gary M. Weiss, neurologist who practices in Sebastian, under a cloud (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Amendment 4 adds impetus to local push for solar (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 35 - Week of September 1, 2016
> Problem-plagued INEOS closing down; plant for sale (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Two years after Duve murder, trial still not set (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School Board fights to block 2 new charters (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Retailers try various September strategies (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Shores awaits PSC decision on electric territory (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Chamber claims Vero received $10 million in free publicity (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 34 - Week of August 25, 2016
> Will money tell the tale in next week’s elections? (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> $30 million more spent on schools here than in Stuart (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> A good summer for sea turtles – except along South Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Such a deal! ‘Celling’ hotel rooms for only $200 a night in former Vero jail (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 33 - Week of August 18, 2016
> Rendell spurns NAACP in favor of ‘consultants’ (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> License-plate cameras now alerting Shores officers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘Big Red,’ county rec center, debuts (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Scampi Grill moving to new location (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Accused South Beach killer jettisons public defender (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District health insurance deficit unresolved in budget (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Marine Bank upgrades technology as assets increase (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 32 - Week of August 11, 2016
> Will Vero vote next week on new FPL offer? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District, running out of cash, needs a bridge loan (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Sebastian hospital tops IRMC in first Medicare ranking (BY TOM LLOYD)
> Trading their ‘Miami Vice’ home for Vero’s lower-key, sophisticated lifestyle (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 31 - Week of August 4, 2016
> School District won’t share study on desegregation (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Why isn’t Pelican Island a draw like ‘Ding’ Darling? (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Why all seriously injured kids are taken to Fort Pierce or Melbourne (BY TOM LLOYD)

Edition 30 - Week of July 28, 2016
> Elite VIPR team bolsters security at Vero Airport (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sebastian River Medical Center plans major expansion (BY TOM LLOYD)
> Man who died in parking lot tried to summon aid (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> License plate cameras prove a challenge (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New resort planned for southern end of island (BY ALAN SNEL)
> New owner floats diverse ideas for old Press Journal building (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Would private janitors endanger school children? (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 29 - Week of July 21, 2016
> County offices to get replacement for leaking roof (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Beachland report card: Lower scores, fewer students (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Orchid Island Realty broker to Premier (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hiking trail with great lagoon views to debut next year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero council increases taxes and boosts utility transfers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero seaplane company sponsors free ‘Beachside Ride’ jitney (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 28 - Week of July 14, 2016
> Pristine beaches bringing surge in summer visitors (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Vero realty team is now 6th in Florida, 79th in the nation (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Judge gives guidance to man suing Vero for Baker Act arrest (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District not open to input on student code of conduct (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Golf club-wielding attacker takes plea bargain (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Hit-and-run driver offered plea deal in Orchid man’s death (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Quail Valley Club’s Royal Palm Pointe hotel and restaurant nearing completion (BY STEVE THOMAS)

Edition 27 - Week of July 7, 2016
> Former Vero man files lawsuit over Baker Act arrest (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Few passengers, so shuttle now plans shift to trolley (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Diesel power plant sale closes; verdict in lawsuit now expected by Labor Day (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> The case of unusual rash of burglaries on island seems solved (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County turns to California hired gun to help enforce short-term rental ordinance (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 26 - Week of June 30, 2016
> School District is $7M in hole on health insurance (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Courtroom drama in trial over Vero’s diesel power plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Little done to promote our ecotourism mecca (BY ALAN SNEL)
> New home development in full swing on southern half of our barrier island (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> License plate cameras going live in Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores faces long odds in challenge before Florida PSC (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District anticipates cash-flow problem (BY KATHLEEN SLAON)

Edition 25 - Week of June 23, 2016
> Too few teachers for ‘special ed’ yields poor result (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Where do recyclables go after you put them in the blue bin? (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Trial finally set over historic diesel plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores expected to work out compromise over beach access (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cell tower project inching forward in Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 24 - Week of June 16, 2016
> Future of funding for charters at stake in election (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero Beach Wine & Film Festival a huge success (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores’ residents urge state regulators to free town from grasp of Vero electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island luxury home market nothing short of astonishing (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Long-overdue ambulances arrive after scary season (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Scientists report some rare good news for lagoon (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Change in prosecutor delays bridge DUI fatality case (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 23 - Week of June 9, 2016
> Cooling towers at Big Blue power plant will be first to go (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charter schools file new lawsuit against District (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Revolutionary math teaching method to make Florida debut here this fall (BY MARY SCHENKEL)

Edition 22 - Week of June 2, 2016
> Rail crossing plans disregard our local input (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital hires a replacement for ousted No. 2 (BY MEG LAUGHLIN / MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Vero hopes to finally unload onetime golf course at Dodgertown (BY ALAN SNEL)
> School District plans to expand vocational classes (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Shores rezoning controversy has long history behind it (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores settles discrimination, harassment case (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 21 - Week of May 26, 2016
> Charter schools set to carry fight to a higher court (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Vero helps Florida Institute of Technology raise $123 million (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Change in focus: A reimagination of the Environmental Learning Center (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Motive in bizarre South Beach murder apparently not money (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 20 - Week of May 19, 2016
> School District putting schools, property in hock (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Neighbors of Shores A1A parcel want it turned into park (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> PSC sets hearing on Shores’ bid to escape grasp of Vero electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid rejects plan for assisted living facility (BY LISA ZAHNER & STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County to Miami-Dade: Keep your hands off our sand (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 19 - Week of May 12, 2016
> Police account of chilling murder on South Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bridges could yet pose obstacle for high speed train (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘Project manager’ in fraud case to be sentenced for unrelated grand theft (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Failed subdivision is an odd intruder on Pelican Island preserve (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Water hog: Okeechobee power plant to use 9M gallons daily (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> South Beach Property Owners group ends legal battles (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Groups organize to clean up litter on spoil islands (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 18 - Week of May 5, 2016
> Two oceanfront homes sell, one doesn’t, in luxury auctions (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital looks to improvements at emergency room (BY TOM LLOYD)
> Back to the future for Piper: Refocus on trainers is paying off (BY ALAN SNEL)
> School Board goes to court in bid to block two charters (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Senior living facility in Orchid saddled with many caveats (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State files formal felony charges against Ken Kennedy (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero’s $22 million ‘price drop’ for Shores electric customers (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 17 - Week of April 28, 2016
> County gets few jobs for our economic development millions (STORY BY ALAN SNEL)
> Contractor arrested, accused of bilking remodeling clients (STORY BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charter schools sue School District on divvying up funds (STORY BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> It’s that time of year, and several stores are closing on Ocean Drive (STORY BY ALAN SNEL)
> Shores to disguise cell tower as pine tree on Town Hall property (STORY BY LISA ZAHNER )
> Piper books $90 million in orders for new plane (STORY BY ALAN SNEL)
> Vero Wine and Film Festival signs Sundance winner (STORY BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County hires consultant to design fix for eroded beaches (STORY BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 16 - Week of April 21, 2016
> ‘Barcode lady’s house,’ 2 others to be sold at auctions (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Man goes out to make cell calls, then found dead (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sea Oaks proudly unveils revamped beach clubhouse (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Some investors buying intoVero Arts Village dream (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Jones gets 5 years; brought back to Vero for murder trial (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores Council could choose cell tower site on Friday (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 15 - Week of April 14, 2016
> Judge lets Vero enforce ban on vacation rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District playing hardball on Virtual School (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Bitter power struggle on South Beach may be coming to an end (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Sale of old diesel plant for brewery and restaurant approved (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> FPL, in reversal, will pay to train county’s emergency responders (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 14 - Week of April 7, 2016
> Indian River Medical Center again reorganizing ER (BY ALAN SNEL)
> Elite Airways: Vero flights ‘here to stay’ (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New questions raised about viability of INEOS biofuel (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores preparing to put prime property at the southern end of town up for sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County worried about serving big power plant across Okeechobee line (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Historic Dodgertown poised to turn first profit in 2016 (BY ALAN SNEL)

Edition 13 - Week of March 31, 2016
> U.S. Supreme Court asked to rule on Stingray Point (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Time a concern in battle over Shores electric territory (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Accused killer Michael Jones may plan to testify in murder trial here (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Fellsmere Elementary: Big problems with new building (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)

Edition 12 - Week of March 24, 2016
> Vero Council warned not to bank on electric windfall (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> More complaints about mold at Fellsmere Elementary (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Puttick hopes Orchid will OK assisted living (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Luxury new home market is red hot (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 11 - Week of March 17, 2016
> Judge backs Vero effort to regulate vacation rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Marina falls into sad state of disrepair (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores hoping to install license plate cameras by May 1st (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Missing document thwarts bids to fund All Aboard Florida ‘quiet zones’ (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Executive Director of Vero Beach Museum of Art to retire (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 10 - Week of March 10, 2016
> Big Bucks Battle: Candidates vie for seat in Legislature (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores tries new approach to getting out from under Vero electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> School District makes it tough to check on mold problem in Fellsmere Elementary (BY KATHLEEN SLOAN)
> Grand Harbor once again on the move (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Shores to vote Tuesday on changing elections to fall (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Diesel plant deal almost killed at last minute (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 9 - Week of March 3, 2016
> Fish Foundation hoping tennis tourney will raise $50K (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Jason Brown: Vero boy set to take on county’s top job (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Metal shards, hidden again by the sand, remain hazard at Tracking Station beach (BY LISA ZAHNER / STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Tim Zorc has plan to clean up canal water (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> The fate of Vero electric issues now rests with courts (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 7 - Week of February 18, 2016
> Plea by charter schools for more funds nixed by Rendell (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Norris & Company sold to Berkshire Hathaway (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Moorings purchase of Hawk’s Nest looking like a huge success (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Ice Age archaeological excavation finally resumes at Vero Man site (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero police to provide alerts in event of utility problems (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Meeting of Vero and Shores legal teams is a bust (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)

Edition 6 - Week of February 11, 2016
> Major renovation of Beachland set to get underway next year (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Brown tide in the lagoon creeps toward Vero (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Woman indicted in hit-and-run death of Orchid resident (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> The ‘essence’ of Vero’s old diesel power plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Stormwater utility tax details being worked out by Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River Shores back to square one on cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Woman who claimed assault by police officer weighs appeal (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Construction set to start at the Surf Club (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 5 - Week of February 4, 2016
> Power, water failures leave the island dark and dry (BYAUTHOR)
> Scully-Welsh director focused on ‘building top quality teams’ (BYAUTHOR)
> High bidder on diesel plant has detailed plan for a craft distillery (BYAUTHOR)

Edition 4 - Week of January 28, 2016
> Vero intrigued by possibility of annexing South Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charter schools demand remedy for unequal funding (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Detectives still probing death of school assistant principal (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero airport among the many seeking to cut their Vero electric bill (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Surprise! Only three contenders bid for the old diesel power plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 3 - Week of January 21, 2016
> Vero tells court it cannot dictate low electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores wants PSC answer on electric controversy (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Plea deal now seen possible in bike fatality (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> New culverts link Bee Gum Point wetlands to lagoon (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> County to Miami: ‘Leave our sand alone. Get yours from Bahamas’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean views big draw for prospective buyers of $3 million condos (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 2 - Week of January 14, 2016
> IRNA urging county to act on septic systems (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> More hurdles for Shores’ cell phone tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Reward money still unclaimed in hit-and-run (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Mayfield bid to rein in FMPA narrowly survives first hearing (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sebastian hospital seeking to undertake major expansion (BY TOM LLOYD)

Edition 1 - Week of January 7, 2016
> Vero Council asked to revisit 2 controversies (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> TSA scanners in full use at Vero Airport (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> County actions to clean up lagoon sparse, ineffective (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)


Edition 53 - Week of December 31, 2015
> County lags in dealing with septic problem (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Will New Year’s bring an end to our endless summer? (PIETER VANBENNEKOM, SAMANTHA BAITA AND RAY MCNULTY )
> Vero electric customers get tiny $2.50 rate cut; nothing more until mid-2016 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> South Beach murder suspect faces death penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 52 - Week of December 24, 2015
> Will better cell service be a late holiday gift for Shores? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Our miracle baby: Kaiden Bracken’s second Christmas (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital exec’s ouster remains a Vero mystery (BY MEG LAUGHLIN | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> 2016 may offer hope on Vero electric front (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 51 - Week of December 17, 2015
> Hospital COO is surprised to hear of ‘resignation’ (BYAUTHOR)
> High court weighs county case against Vero electric (BYAUTHOR)
> Will Elite fly more Northerners to Vero? (BYAUTHOR)
> Quail project sparks development on Royal Palm Pointe (BYAUTHOR)

Edition 50 - Week of December 10, 2015
> Story changes after hospital suit is settled (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero’s innovative sewer system will help lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Views diverge on future development of Vero’s riverfront (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores moves ahead with electric lawsuit against Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 49 - Week of December 3, 2015
> Nor’easters hit beaches harder than Vero has seen for years (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Creeping vine from Japan threatens to take over beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hundreds attend mass for ‘Joey,’ the face of Bobby’s (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Will new Mayor Kramer steer Vero Council back to the right? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 47 - Week of November 19, 2015
> Sheriff’s Office opens probe into Polish Club coup (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero Man dig moving ahead after jolt of Mercyhurst’s withdrawal (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Cost of clearing the land on the river side of Big Blue estimated at $5 to $10 million (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Rowing Club set to build dream boathouse at the island end of Merrill Barber Bridge ( BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital District dismayed at news of lawsuit (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 46 - Week of November 12, 2015
> The Estefan musical ‘On Your Feet!’ debuts on Broadway (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Mayfield makes one final attempt to rein in FMPA (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charles Sullivan’s accuser files a civil lawsuit (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 45 - Week of November 5, 2015
> Vero voters send a message: Howle in, Graves out (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Melanoma expert picked to lead Cancer Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> How Zudans was chosen for Hospital District seat (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> American Icon Brewery a top candidate for the old Diesel power plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Natural gas coming soon to downtown Vero and the island (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 44 - Week of October 29, 2015
> Hospital wars: A top exec moves ‘down the road’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Accused slayer of Diana Duve fears dying in prison (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Polish Americans fight dissolution of their social club (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores edging toward decision on cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Governor makes a surprise pick for Hospital District trustee (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 43 - Week of October 22, 2015
> Electric deal approved by Vero Council (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Two incumbents seek re-election in Vero Council race (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Oceanfront home sets year’s high, selling for $17 million (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island rentals for coming season are moving fast (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Air conditioning break cost hospital over $1 million (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New Citrus Bowl seating may be ready for graduation (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 42 - Week of October 15, 2015
> Many questions, few answers on Vero power deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The Moorings moving quickly to absorb Hawk’s Nest (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores looks at three sites for cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Old ambulances on the island break down in ‘perfect storm’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach philanthropist Richard Stark dies at 94 (BY MARY SCHENKEL)

Edition 41 - Week of October 9, 2015
> Power deal gets scrutiny, leading to further delay (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mid-Am tourney a boost for shops, hotels, eateries (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Four Ocean Park condos to be sold at auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Case of missing Vero Beach woman, last seen on island, puzzles police (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> December launch likely for flights from Vero Beach Airport to Newark (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> FMPA leader finally appears before Tallahassee lawmakers (BY LISA ZAHNER (NEWS ANALYSIS))
> Hospital District trustees seek probe of 2013 executive pay (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 40 - Week of October 1, 2015
> Quail Valley sparking Royal Palm Pointe renaissance (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Four golf courses prepare to reopen after big upgrades (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> As the Melody fades, French bistro to open (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New playground huge upgrade at Humiston Park (BY MARY SCHENKEL)

Edition 39 - Week of September 24, 2015
> A very hot time at the Indian River Medical Center (BYAUTHOR)
> Hospital story of exec’s departure called in question (BYAUTHOR)
> Police brutality suit by Sea Oaks woman set for November trial (BYAUTHOR)
> Vero electric study: ‘To save, trim trees’ (BYAUTHOR)
> Boat sales are booming, and Vero Marine adds a new line (BYAUTHOR)
> New recycling program to be rolled out next week (BYAUTHOR)
> 3 seek spot on Hospital District Board (BYAUTHOR)

Edition 38 - Week of September 17, 2015
> Scully-Welsh Cancer Center nears completion (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero seeks $66 million to transfer Shores customers to FPL (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sullivan case seems headed to civil court (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> It’s a seller’s market for island homes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Caregiver in George May’s death stunned by sentence (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores Council picks firm to plan new cell tower (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 37 - Week of September 10, 2015
> Sullivan case ends after discovery of calls from accuser to Vero cop (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The tawdry tale told on the Sullivan tapes: ‘Men do these things’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero puts a new poison pill in latest OUC deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> DR Horton brings life to Antilles (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Daughter: George May robbed of his own grave (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 14th Ave Steakhouse closing; Avanzare moving in (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 36 - Week of September 3, 2015
> Big thunderstorms spawned by Erika set home ablaze (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> First version of OUC electric deal getting scrutiny (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS)
> Shores suit against Vero seen headed for Supreme Court (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Gourmet pizza place to debut in January in the Village Shops (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Languishing stretch of U.S. 1 poised for comeback (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 35 - Week of August 27, 2015
> Vero’s latest deal: As always, it’s what’s in fine print (BY LISA ZAHNER | NEWS ANALYSIS )
> Editorial: City Council never seems to learn from mistakes of predecessors
> IRNA leader scripts Mayor’s remarks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Van Valen named head of Riverside Children’s Theatre (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Motorists, bikers share Wabasso bridge – uneasily (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 34 - Week of August 20, 2015
> Vero should find much to like in latest FPL offer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Realtors take mixed view of Vero property tax hike (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Warning: Police say phone scams abound (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marine Bank keeps doing better and better (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 33 - Week of August 13, 2015
> Non-stop jet service to NYC area may soon start from Vero airport (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Moorings set to complete purchase of Hawk’s Nest (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Winger, Graves face challenge in Vero Council race (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Deal for purchase of old Press Journal building collapses (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores’ tiny police force comes up big in Albrecht case (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 32 - Week of August 6, 2015
> Albrecht trial: How the jurors reached verdict (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Long ordeal finally over for prosecutors, victim’s daughter (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero abandons bid to cut electric rates by playing the wholesale power market (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Piper layoffs completed: Total of 78 people let go (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Dustinn Keeling pleads ‘not guilty’ to DUI charge (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Waldo’s, Driftwood trying to help solve parking problem (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 31 - Week of July 30, 2015
> Dustinn Keeling jailed, but gets one last break from court (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Updated: Abrecht convicted in death of Shores patient (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Oak Harbor looking to mount comeback (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero electric customers prepare to jump ship (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mental Health Court honors its first successful ‘graduate’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 30 - Week of July 23, 2015
> Alleged victim in Sullivan sex case wore a wire (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> INEOS may bring UK waste to Vero (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> New street of luxury homes set for South Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Trial of home nursing aide Albrecht in death of elderly patient underway (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Beach sets stage for near-40 percent tax hike (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 29 - Week of July 16, 2015
> Home nursing aide going on trial in death of Shores patient (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Contractor holds employee captive in Marbrisa home (BY LISA BARRY)
> McCulloch resumes research on dolphins in lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Beachside doctor saves child’s life on Guam (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero’s Grady Bunch having a great time on trip to Bahamas (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Vero’s risky policies bolster Shores electric lawsuit (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 28 - Week of July 9, 2015
> Mini-sub hunts for what’s left of coral reef (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Dustinn Keeling arrested, this time for driving drunk (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Art Club, Museum are feuding – again (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital District trustee resigns over terms of agreement (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 27 - Week of July 2, 2015
> Million dollar home sales set record pace (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sexual battery case pits legal legends versus Vero Beach Police (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No joke: Polish American Social Club torn by bitter feud (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 26 - Week of June 25, 2015
> Vero now wants to trade in bulk power market (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Central Beach hit by a rash of auto burglaries (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Blame turtles for seaweed on beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River’s Mental Health Court gets glowing reviews (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 25 - Week of June 18, 2015
> Simpson family touched by youth’s plea for forgiveness (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Less than one third of ‘bed tax’ goes for outreach to tourists (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Island surgeon gets rare honor from Swimming Hall of Fame (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Some owners agree to stop renting homes for less than 30 days (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Parents and kids plea for fixes at Beachland (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 24 - Week of June 11, 2015
> Health issues at aging Beachland concern parents (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Supreme Court help sought on electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Landlord asks court to block $500 fines on vacation rentals (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Soaring flood insurance rates hit snowbirds hard (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 23 - Week of June 4, 2015
> Shuttle for workers hopefully will end Ocean Drive parking problems (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Emergency Room reports treatment times better; more upgrades on way (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores residents may finally get better cell service (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hawk’s Nest sale to Moorings advances (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 22 - Week of May 28, 2015
> Sale of iconic Ocean Drive restaurant seems near (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Auto museum latest idea for old diesel plant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Many homeowners pay too much for flood insurance (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Is FMPA facing class action suit? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 21 - Week of May 21, 2015
> Shores pressing ahead with suit against Vero over electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Clouds of dust temporarily halt Surf Club demolition (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 20 - Week of May 14, 2015
> Mayor opposed to partial sale of electric customers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vet trying to get pet from Humane Society jailed (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Will limiting cars curb weekend event rentals? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New Hampton Inn off to strong start onVero’s Miracle Mile (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> President of firefighters union relieved of duty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Moorings members back purchase of Hawk’s Nest (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 19 - Week of May 7, 2015
> Mediation fails; litigation’s next for Shores, Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachside retailers press city over parking spaces (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> 2 a.m. closing for Vero bars will be made permanent (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 18 - Week of April 30, 2015
> Friday’s electric showdown seen a waste of time (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero lifeguards seek greater police presence on beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Moorings presses Hawk’s Nest bid (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> FMPA brass scolded by members for meeting no-show (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 17 - Week of April 23, 2015
> Tulsa deputy who shot man dreams of returning to Vero (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Will police visits, bigger fines curb short-term rentals? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero could face power crisis in 2020 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Riomar golf course getting biggest makeover since 1963 (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 16 - Week of April 16, 2015
> Robertson ends 11 years with Atlantic Classical Orchestra (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Moorings seeking to acquire Hawk’s Nest Golf Club (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Mental Health Court off to promising start (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero electric boss Tom Richards gives up, going back to retirement (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 15 - Week of April 9, 2015
> FMPA hedging produces losses of $136 million (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New debtors’ prisons: High court fees tough on poor (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores again ponders fire engine staffing (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sebastian River Medical Center: Vero’s other Emergency Room (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> 2 elderly pedestrians hit by car in condo parking lot (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 14 - Week of April 2, 2015
> Angry lawmakers rap power agency on audit findings (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> $10.2 million home sale record for local auction (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Largest Central Beach home goes on market (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Luxury modernist condos to be built in Shores (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Derelict sailboat finally being moved from beach (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 13 - Week of March 26, 2015
> A. James ‘Jim’ Clark, builder of modern Washington, dies at 87 (BY ADAM BERNSTEIN)
> Mark Rendell: Taking schools ‘to the next level’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> 65-gallon recycling cart is in your future (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Three county fire stations to finally be tested for toxic mold (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Uphill battle for county on Oslo Road Boat Ramp (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital backs out of stopgap funding deal with district (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 12 - Week of March 19, 2015
> Hospital balks at deal it agreed to on indigent care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> End of era: Luxury townhomes to replace old motel (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sea Oaks expanding its Beach Club (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Brief lull in the action on the Vero electric front (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 11 - Week of March 12, 2015
> Ambulances turned away by hospital (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> County weighs extending trash pickup at curb (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores has new ‘Plan B’ for lowering electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Four candidates left for school superintendent (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Firefighters gear up for county impasse hearing (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 10 - Week of March 5, 2015
> New twists as Shores battles for lower electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores gets new storm-tested public safety chief (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Reimbursement formula found for indigent care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Reward upped in hit-and-run death of Orchid Island man (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 9 - Week of February 26, 2015
> Power agency to spend $100,000 spinning audit (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> John-Edward Kelly: Acclaimed Vero musician dead at 56 (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Real estate auction may set record (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Interim hospital reimbursement pact seen near (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Three vie for seats on Indian River Shores Town Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid Island Club lands another major golf event (BY RAY MCNULTY)

Edition 8 - Week of February 19, 2015
> New attempts to start up INEOS biofuel plant fail (BYSAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> County has until mid-March to appeal PSC ruling (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County now looking at vacation rental issues on the island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 2014 Piper job numbers remain high (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Wesley Davis to run for county property appraiser (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 7 - Week of February 12, 2015
> Central Beach homeowners urge stiff fines for short-term rentals (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero not in strong position to complain about FMPA (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oculina’s plan to build on lagoon is back from the dead (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Old Oaks Lane project coming to life (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Spoonbill Marsh project provides net benefit to lagoon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hit-and-run victim’s widow not returning this winter (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Lead detective in Duve case honored as victims’ advocate (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Biofuel plant passes one inspection. More to come (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)

Edition 6 - Week of February 5, 2015
> South Beach electric customers lose bid to be freed from Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mental Health Court opens in Vero (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Scully-Welsh Cancer Center moves forward (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Stewart Robertson to retire from Atlantic Classical Orchestra (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital board urged to become more critical (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 5 - Week of January 29, 2015
> INEOS owner threatens to fire managers if problems persist (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> State audit: FMPA staff extremely well paid (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tests show nitrogen is poisoning lagoon south of 17th Street (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Weekend renters bring crime spree to Central Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> District negotiations with hospital turn hopeful (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> All eyes in electric dispute on Public Service Commission (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 4 - Week of January 22, 2015
> Vero investing $1.5 million to expand sewer plant on lagoon (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No good news for Vero in Shores’ PSC filing on electric territories (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital team a ‘no show’ for talks with the District (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Major upgrade set for Humiston Park (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> $100,000 reward for info on Orchid man killed in hit-and-run (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Donation protects land near lagoon from development (BYSTEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero moving steadily toward imposing a stormwater tax (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores Town Council race could be one to watch (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 3 - Week of January 15, 2015
> 2014 banner year for million-dollar-plus home sales (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> INEOS Bio plant shut; produced excess deadly gas (BY SAMANTHA ROHLFING BAITA)
> Hit-and-run death remains unsolved (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Shores, county have window to explore new power options (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Patient wait times at Emergency Room improve, but still well above average

Edition 2 - Week of January 8, 2015
> Busy holidays about to be followed by busier season (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Sick stations? Two firefighters test positive for 'toxic mold' (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Central Beach gets new townhomes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Brothers Bar & Grill will take place of Brewgrrs (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 1 - Week of January 1, 2015
> Michael Ochsner returns to Shores Town Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Problems mount for nurse charged with manslaughter (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Davis, Kramer seen vying for House seat (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New kill wipes out hundreds of snook in The Shores lakes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores hit with a federal lawsuit for sexual harassment (BY LISA ZAHNER)


Edition 52 - Week of December 25, 2014
> Christmas miracle for Vero infant (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hospital District paying for more than indigent care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Pace of developments quickens in Vero electric saga (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Dune repairs cut into holiday fun in the sun (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 51 - Week of December 18, 2014
> Carolina firm picked to help Vero with electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Crisis situations don't always produce headlines (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 50 - Week of December 11, 2014
> Hospital moves into black with larger surplus than projected (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Land Trust saves important close-in wilderness area (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Top surgeon Ramdev defends actions, but libel suit proceeds (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Negron seen leading in race for Senate President (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero moving ahead on electric rate study (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 49 - Week of December 4, 2014
> Orlando proposals for new pact worse than current electric deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero hires a big-time attorney to plan vote on Utility Authority (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Jones held woman hostage in apartment where Duve later killed (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Bill Brown plans to turn old Patio into seafood tavern (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 48 - Week of November 27, 2014
> Mental Health Court set to begin work here in January (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> More from bizarre past of accused killer Jones (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tom Cadden: Long-time leader steps down from Shores Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ochsner applies to fill Cadden's seat (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 47 - Week of November 20, 2014
> Riverside Theatre moves to new level with original works (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island woman sues Vero Beach over battery by police officer (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Former football star the pick to mediate Vero electric lawsuit (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Police trace Jones' drive to Melbourne with nurse's body (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 46 - Week of November 13, 2014
> County seems ready to fund a new mental health court (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Quail Valley club paid $3.5 million for Royal Palm site (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Simpson's family speaks of loss at killer's sentencing (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Jones at class for batterers before murder (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores' position on electric not same as county's (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 45 - Week of November 6, 2014
> Voters send mixed message in Vero Council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marybeth Cunningham wins election to serve as Hospital District trustee

> Local hospitals get good marks on stemming infections (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> 70 percent of island beaches critically eroded (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 44 - Week of October 30, 2014
> Vero and Shores headed next for mediation over electricity (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River Medican Center top rated for lowering patient readmissions

> PNC in litigation over fees for wealthy clients (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)
> 12A Buoy explores opening in historic Patio (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 43 - Week of October 23, 2014
> Proposal for electric price fix would deepen Vero entanglement (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital feud with District spins over into election (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Mulligans wins a round in beachside parking wars (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 42 - Week of October 16, 2014
> Price of Vero beachfront property up over 20 percent this year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Jason Nunemaker: The man with a plan for Fellsmere (BY RAY McNULTY)
> Shores panel OKs A1A office building (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero City Council election: A battle for third? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 41 - Week of October 9, 2014
> Kristen Simpson's journey: The pivot from grief to hope (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Jurors say killer's iPhone sealed guilty verdict (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Warren Anderson, 93, dies here in obscurity (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 40 - Week of October 2, 2014
> Kristen Simpson strong, confident at murder trial (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero can't halt Central Beach vacation rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Doctor vs doctor: Gillis sues Ramdev for defamation (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Island attorney disbarred over trust account (BY RAY McNULTY)

Edition 39 - Week of September 26, 2014
> Brian Simpson murder trial gets underway (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New details from 'mother figure' of accused killer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital seeks to grab District's reserves (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> All Aboard Florida dreams of 10,000 passengers per day (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Not much expected from Friday electric talks (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of September 18, 2014
> Accused slayer Jones wowed his PNC bosses (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lengthy labor dispute weighs on firefighter morale (BY RAY McNULTY)
> Ralph Sexton:Vero loses a gentle giant (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Shores electric lawsuit: About home rule – or money? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 37 - Week of September 11, 2014
> Trial set for duo accused of killing Brian Simpson (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County's largest mixed-use project ever killed by funder (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New details on bizarre behavior of accused murderer Jones (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital says tax forms it filed showing bonuses to top executives were in error

Edition 36 - Week of September 4, 2014
> Hospital sees a profit - if District comes through (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New light shed on accused murderer's background (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Land Trust preserves more land along lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 35 - Week of August 28, 2014
> Michael Jones previously accused of strangling another girlfriend (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores: 'Grave concern' electric rates will get worse (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Summer island power outages blamed on trees (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> One more try to resolve hospital, district dispute (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 34 - Week of August 21, 2014
> Grand jury to hear details of brutal slaying (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero's real artists are latest target of scam artists (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> St. Paul's seeks help from new neighbors (BY RAY McNULTY)
> Arts supporter Alice Beckwith dies at 83: 'A magical woman with a magical smile'

> Island's McCulloch appears in 'Dolphin Tale 2' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 33 - Week of August 14, 2014
> A farewell to off-season: The island's busiest summer ever (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Parking: The big oceanside problem (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Hospital, District escalate dispute (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 32 - Week of August 7, 2014
> Scripps says it is getting rid of Press Journal (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Lagoon seagrass and fishing making a comeback? (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Burglars get cash, jewelry in Sunday afternoon break-in (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Michael Jones pleads ‘not guilty’ in Duve murder (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County to vote on joining Shores electric lawsuit (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 31 - Week of July 31, 2014
> Jim O'Connor's effort to manage life in 'paradise' (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County's request for funds for Oslo boat ramp denied (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores cell tower woes not yet over (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Kerry Bartlett moving on from Community Foundation (BY MARY SCHENKEL)

Edition 30 - Week of July 24, 2014
> Vero oceanfront boom spills over the county line (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Clock ticking in Shores suit over Vero electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Theatre, Art Museum get boost from state (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hotels, restaurants get permission to serve alcohol on Vero's beaches

Edition 29 - Week of July 17, 2014
> Luxury restaurant set for site of old P.V. Martin's (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores police play key role in solving laser burglaries (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Cultural Council may join Art Club in new downtown art center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Indigent care talks headed for arbitration (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero hoping to move sewer plant by 2021 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Drive, Beachland Boulevard to be repaved (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 28 - Week of July 10, 2014
> Indian River Hospital decides to scale back Wellness Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> State investigators probe complaints by hospital patients (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Pet owners beware! Poisonous toads have made it to island (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend chooses our community (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Death of Hospital District treasurer roils indigent care negotiations (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 27 - Week of July 3, 2014
> Audit sought of shadow electric lobbying group (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Arbitration likely over indigent care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> PNC Bank's hiring practices questioned (BY RAY MCNULTY)
> Accused slayer had made ugly threats to previous girlfriend (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harbor Branch loses 'most important program' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 26 - Week of June 26, 2014
> Island jolted by hideous murder of young nurse (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Electric deal dead; attorneys continue to pick at carcass (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Treasure hunter who hid in Vero for decade back on lam (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)
> Patient satisfaction problem for hospital (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)

Edition 25 - Week of June 19, 2014
> Demand for riverfront homes sees sales soar in May and June (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New restaurant, shops set for South Beach (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Father's Day at Indian River hospital (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> No deal yet on funding indigent care (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)

Edition 24 - Week of June 12, 2014
> Massive fish kill still a mystery at The Shores (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> With sale dead, Vero seeks ways to cut electric rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County proposal to provide fire services wouldn't aid Shores with insurance rating
> Panel: Little anyone can do about All Aboard Florida (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County to join Vero with later bar closing hours (BY LISA ZAHNER AND LISA BARRY)

Edition 23 - Week of June 5, 2014
> Oceanfront real estate activity on island exceeds 'peak of boom' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sale of Vero electric to FPL now clearly dead (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Two artificial reefs to be constructed off Sebastian Inlet (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> SEC: Pet store owner must pay back $198k (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> 'Angel investor' brings expertise to Marine Bank board (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 22 - Week of May 29, 2014
> Posey said to bring pressure for Oslo Road Boat Ramp expansion (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital seeks to purge district appointee from board (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Former 'cop of the year' busted to bailiff after internal affairs probe (BY RAY McNULTY)
> Miranda Dean gets probation for leaving scene of accident (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores hires top lawyer for electric battle (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Blue Star bartender jailed for stealing from elderly (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 21 - Week of May 22, 2014
> Vero claims out-of-city customers can't break ties to electric co-op (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> District trustees, hospital leaders in angry exchange (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Why no lifeguards on this busy stretch of Central Beach (BY xxMEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores ponders adding 13 more public safety officers (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 20 - Week of May 15, 2014
> Legislature Oks funds for audit of power co-op (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River hospital seeks more tax dollars (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero physical therapist is a top Medicare biller (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Marine mammal rescue program near collapse (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Beach residents should brace for tax hike (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 19 - Week of May 8, 2014
> Fletcher, Turner not inclined to seek re-election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero gets no help on regulating vacation rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River Medical Center wins 'A' grade for patient safety (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Westbrook misses deadline to run for Congress by a minute (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 18 - Week of May 1, 2014
> Fragmented mental health services seen needing hub (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Rule would make finance advisers reveal complaints (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)
> County slashes its impact fees to help attract businesses (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New Shores fire truck arrives, but old one causes a little stir (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores earmarks first $10,000 for electric battle (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Boy, 12, wins Quail golf tourney against big guys (BY MEG LAUGHLIN AND RAY McNULTY)

Edition 17 - Week of April 24, 2014
> Vero picks new lead negotiator in bid to escape power co-op (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Salyer popular choice for Indian River Medical Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> South Beach water customers to get lower bills in June (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Atlantic Explorer makes a nostalgic visit to Ft.Pierce (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 16 - Week of April 17, 2014
> Four local doctors received $18.4 million from Medicare (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Who really owns Debbie Mayfield? Follow the money (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cultural Council dreams of diesel plant as arts center (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Jumping on the bandwagon to stop high-speed trains (BY RAY McNULTY)
> The lagoon yields healthy fish count (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 15 - Week of April 10, 2014
> Vero Beach gaining reputation as the 'Hamptons of Florida' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital promises to 'open books' (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Tower could finally bring Shores better cellphone service (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero to move South Beach water customers to county rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 14 - Week of April 3, 2014
> Central Beach townhouse project sells out months before completion
> Florida Senate guts bill to curb vacation rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital acknowledges need for 'more factual information' (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Frustrated over Vero electric impasse, Shores seeks new ways to lower rates
> Sebastian hospital CEO seen top choice for No. 2 Vero spot (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 13 - Week of March 27, 2014
> Short-term vacation rental bill in danger in legislature (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Outrage mounts over firing of Harbor Branch dolphin guru (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital professes desire to improve ties with district (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Winger: Low hopes for power meeting (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Real or fake: Fossil hunter Kennedy displays second etched Ice Age bone

Edition 12 - Week of March 20, 2014
> 'Impossible' for Vero to compete with FPL rates (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital's new ER team committed to improvement (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Soured business venture forces Zorc to file bankruptcy (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Excavation at Vero Man site reaches a critical layer (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 11 - Week of March 13, 2014
> Riomar residents on edge after two daring midday burglaries (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Big Blue: A 'dinosaur' that can no longer get spare parts (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District trustees feel ignored by medical center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Residents of Shores get worked up over their morning coffee (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero code board defended in vacation rental case (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Largest buildable piece of land in Shores comes back on market

> Hospital District seeks big cut in payments for poor (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 10 - Week of March 6, 2014
> FPL talks tough over Vero electric deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Star of Windsor Charity Polo Cup dies in freak accident (BY SIOBHAN McDONOUGH)
> Shores may need to beef up staffing on its fire engines (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital District to explore how to better deal with cost of indigent care

Edition 9 - Week of February 27, 2014
> Beachside streets have never been this crowded in memory (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero may need to pay $26 million to escape clutches of power co-op
> Summerplace homes move closer to getting off old septic systems (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hospital District will cover indigent care bills (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Beach airport master plan peers 20 years ahead (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 20, 2014
> Major funders commission review of mental health care in the county
> More on what's going on at Indian River Medical Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Island investors being sought for Colorado marijuana industry (BY RAY McNULTY)
> Canals not polluting lagoon as much as thought (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Debbie Mayfield's utility bills seen damaging to Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 7 - Week of February 13, 2014
> Hospital District fed up with how Medical Center being run (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New home development roaring back to life (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Short-term rental bill advances in Tallahassee (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Extended family pays tribute to B.T. Cooksey (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Solari: Time to end water-sewer equalization charge (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 6 - Week of February 6, 2014
> Kramer confers regularly with top foe of electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Indian River expecting new $5m gift for Cancer Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Sebastian River named in suit over alleged kickbacks (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Citron Bistro to soon debut at Village Shops (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> National Newspaper Association hails role of Vero Beach 32963 in saving Simpson home
> New electric deal needed in time for August referendum (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 5 - Week of January 30, 2014
> Municipal power co-op's demands said 'ridiculous' (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> On the beach: Should an entrepreneur's past matter? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> World War II bombs in ocean off The Moorings lead to evacuation (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Ray McNulty joins 32963 as columnist (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)
> State approves sale of controlling stake in Marine Bank (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Health Department facing loss of one-third of staff (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 4 - Week of January 23, 2014
> Does this look like illegal gambling? Not to sheriff's deputies
> Coming soon: Chair and umbrella rentals at South Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Is Vero ready for a sustainable modernist home? (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Indian River hospital seen needing an extra half-million from taxpayers for indigent care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Artificial reefs revisited as a way to slow beach erosion (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 3 - Week of January 16, 2014
> Railroad forcing Vero to come up with $3 million in 'hush' money (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Retired banker, 'in love' with lagoon, funds estuary workshop (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> City, county seem headed for court over water/sewer (BY LISA ZANER)
> Vacation rental law repeal moves forward (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital district balks at taxpayer funding for 'We Care' (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Report: Injuries up at Vero's beaches in 2013 (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Winger and Kramer seen diverging on electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sebastian River sees hospital stronger after sale (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 2 - Week of January 9, 2014
> Holidays see snowbirds arriving by private jet in record numbers (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Lobbyist for All-Aboard Florida skirts Sunshine Law (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Fiat takeover of Chrysler sealed at Vero Beach Hotel (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> New Chamber of Commerce to focus on Vero Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Dogs battle boaters over riverfront park (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 1 - Week of January 2, 2014
> Bank accepts contributions from 32963 readers; marks Simpson mortgage paid
> Windsor teen killed in Austrian avalanche (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Island one of seven 'Super Zips' in Florida; Palm Beach, Naples, Sarasota miss the cut (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Battle over Vero electric territory at PSC on hold for now (BY LISA ZAHNER)


Edition 52 - Week of December 26, 2013
> Lagoon crisis, home rule top 2013 headlines (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No solution yet for beach debris (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Varricchio puts Vero on Palm Beach culinary map (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Will sand from new mine be approved in time for spring beach replenishment?
> State plan to control fertilizer pollution is off to sputtering start (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 51 - Week of December 19, 2013
> New era dawning for the Village Shops (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Power co-op sets terms for not holding up Vero electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero looking for new contractor to clean beaches (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Brian Simpson's family still hoping for a Christmas blessing (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Medicare gives local hospitals mixed reviews (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 50 - Week of December 12, 2013
> Controlling interest in Marine Bank sold (BY LISA ZAHNER AND MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Hazel, Estuary developer, goes into Chapter 11 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero: Board should enforce rental code, not try to interpret it (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Peruvian shark victim: 'I will be back in the ocean just as soon as possible'
> John's Island: November was 'the best month' ever (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 49 - Week of December 5, 2013
> Bam! Ocean Grill reels in Emeril and television crew (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> All aboard! Familiar faces on track for rail panel (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero shark victim recovering from severed Achilles (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Heavy winds, high surf fuel more beach erosion (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> New Emergency Room team cutting wait times at Indian River Medical Center
> Smithsonian station finds reduced biodiversity in lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 48 - Week of November 28, 2013
> Shores looking at how to get low FPL rates for entire town (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Cancer Center gets green light to move ahead (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Jack Mitchell: The man with the yellow Rolls (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Both sides now suing over old diesel power plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Outcry stops pay parking trial at Vero beaches at least until March (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Governor's pick shakes up Indian River School Board (BY DEBBIE CARSON)

Edition 47 - Week of November 21, 2013
> Many Medicare patients being forced to change doctors (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Pay to park: Coming soon to Vero's ocean beaches? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital, district still at odds over new Cancer Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Amelia Graves abandons suit against Vero Beach 32963 (BY PIETER VANBENNEKOM)
> Philanthropist Dick Post: Sunshine spread from inside out (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vice Mayor Kramer says Vero electric 'sale is dead' (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 46 - Week of November 14, 2013
> Rebuff of Turner heightens concern over electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Land Trust seeks to broaden conservation consensus (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sadness and hope on 2nd anniversary
> Vacation rental law repeal to be pushed (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Meeting set for hospital board, district trustees (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Viper in horrific crash after hitting 120 mph on Loy Bridge (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 45 - Week of November 7, 2013
> Amelia Graves in big upset win over Tracy Carroll (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> After election shock, is sale of Vero electric in jeopardy? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hospital defers celebration for Cancer Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Dustinn Keeling sentenced to 2 years for scamming Haiti Club and North County GOP (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Latest try to revive landmark Patio Restaurant fails (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New purchase bid, new lawsuit for old diesel power plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 44 - Week of October 31, 2013
> Page 1 Editorial: When the facts don't match your story line, sue
> Hospital to buy Vero Radiology; finances still issue (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Council's next task: Employee pensions (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Promising profits for Marine Bank (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Rowing club gets new Vero home on the lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Dentist files suit to protect reputation (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 43 - Week of October 24, 2013
> Hospital chiefs questioned on quality of care (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> A closer look at the résumé of Amelia Graves (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Impact fees: Can county continue to collect them? (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Beach emerging as world pompano capital (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Flagler County legislators aim to repeal vacation rental bill (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 42 - Week of October 17, 2013
> Cancer Center's delay urged over finance concerns (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Investment firm fined $100,000 for lax oversight (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Good news and bad news forVero's drinking water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Feds approve electric sale; refute objectors (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Higher property tax bills arrriving in mailboxes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 41 - Week of October 10, 2013
> Hospital audit likely before start on Cancer Center (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero to spend $3 million to keep drinking water safe (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Candidates defend records in debate (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 40 - Week of October 3, 2013
> You did it! Simpson home goal reached in 3 weeks (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New Vero electric deal won't be voted on until after election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Thursday night City Council debate to be televised (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Fisherman likely contracted near-fatal infection in lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 39 - Week of September 26, 2013
> Generous 32963 readers save Simpson home (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Will Cancer Center inflame hospital's operating deficit? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Beach 32963 to host City Council debate (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Surprise hike in Vero electric rates set for October 1 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Treasure Coast Community Health retrenching (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 38 - Week of September 19, 2013
> What's going on at Indian River Medical Center? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Treasure Coast ends obstetrics program for poor (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Mayfield, Negron backed law enabling short-term rentals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County opts to let Vero keep providing South Beach water (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Simpson home fund gains support (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores planning to finally replace aging fire trucks (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 37 - Week of September 12, 2013
> Support for Simpsons surges (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Study begins on installing sewers in Summerplace (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Someone old, someone new, some incumbents, Brian too (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in lagoon growing worry (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 36 - Week of September 5, 2013
> Let's buy this home for Simpson family (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shlock ads may soon adorn Vero Beach lifeguard towers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Audubon Society bids to block expansion of Oslo Road boat ramp (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Stolen innocence: Family outraged over light sentence for molester of young girl
> Art Club shelves plan for own clubhouse (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Woman gets five years for two island burglaries (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 35 - Week of August 29, 2013
> Teen wins support for community gardens in Central Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Survey: Crackdown on weekly rentals and transients wanted (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero electric sale may finally be back on track (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Gambling by Florida Municipal Power Agency cost us $13.3 million (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Harbor Branch leader moves to dream post at Scripps Institution (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Helping mental health patients find vision of beautiful life (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Medical Center gets top grades on readmissions (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 34 - Week of August 22, 2013
> High-end home construction booming on the barrier island (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero budget cuts get personal, then become non-cuts (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Kristen Simpson: Losing Brian, then her home (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Husband of pet shop owner gets 31 years (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Citrus shop coming to Ocean Drive (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Hillman on recall: 'I don't have to prove anything' (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 33 - Week of August 15, 2013
> Will effort to start air service to NY get off ground? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Beachland loses its 'A' grade; principal vows to get it back (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero seeks support from Lake Worth for electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 'Champ' Sheridan: Leading the way by putting a name to giving (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County population growth back in high gear (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero election field uncertain; Winger fundraising leader (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 32 - Week of August 8, 2013
> Home prices on island up more than 10 percent (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Another security breach found at jail (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Council recall fails, but may have come closer than expected (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Oslo Road boat ramp plan picks up opposition (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> LaCava in bid to double dip from School District (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Tracy Carroll's rental problems piling up (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Scientist reports a rare piece of good news for lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 31 - Week of August 1, 2013
> Door left open raises new concerns about jail security (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Marine Bank in black for second quarter in a row (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Costa d'Este at 5: Sharing the Vero vibe with the world (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New pet shop owner brings baggage to Vero (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> A wild Saturday in Summerplace (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Oslo Road boat ramp fight joined by fishermen, students (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 30 - Week of July 25, 2013
> Vero electric sale faces big hurdles; no closing seen in 2014 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Strong fertilizer ordinance passes; then it is gutted (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Riverside Theatre ticket sales soar; another blockbuster season ahead
> Buying a 'dream home' with no money down, and none in the bank (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> In Indian River County, public service often comes with perks (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> A Who's Who of Vero City Council members who took health insurance?

Edition 29 - Week of July 18, 2013
> Beach bartender awaiting trial for $1 million theft from senior

> Inmates at jail get out of locked cells; guards don't notice (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Suddenly, restoring lagoon becomes county's top priority (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> SEALs in reunion with Vietnamese translator (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
> Longtime Vero City Marina resident dies in tragic firearms accident (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 28 - Week of July 11, 2013
> North island residents have even longer wait for sheriff (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> June blockbuster month for island real estate sales (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Scott vetoes funds critical to tracking lagoon pollution (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> State: Shores' police chief can't also be town manager (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Beach Theatre Guild, going strong at 55, planning first expansion in years

Edition 27 - Week of July 4, 2013
> Response time to South Beach double sheriff's claim (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Hospital adjusts to rapidly changing world of healthcare (BYJOSEPH W. FENTON)
> Vero's idea of cutting budget: Slashing Christmas tree lighting (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Despite debacle, county still eager to truck sand to beaches (BYSTEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 26 - Week of June 27, 2013
> Is the county's water utility target of sabotage campaign (BYSTEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Development plans hailed, but sewer plant likely to stay (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Two Central Beach boarding houses may soon be shut down by Vero Council
> Vero residents who rent homes by the week to vacationers rarely warned or fined
> Local woman, 24, flown home to end seven-year battle with cancer (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 25 - Week of June 20, 2013
> Development on shore of lagoon may be revived (BYSTEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Bitter fight among neighbors roils Summerplace (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Kramer files protest with federal agency of Vero electric sale (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Reuse water: All the fertilizer you need? (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Commission reverses earlier vote; decides to keep impact fees (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> 'I don't know why he would do this' (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 24 - Week of June 13, 2013
> Diesel power plant, long vacant, soon may be up for sale (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Central Beach home seems like 'Motel 6' to angry neighbors (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Lagoon woes leading to displacement of dolphins (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Changes taking place at The Village Shops (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Boat gone from beach, but what it was doing is still a big mystery (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 23 - Week of June 6, 2013
> Hospital gets largest gifts in Vero history for cancer center (BY JOESEPH W. FENTON)
> Vero still seeking deal that frees it from power agency (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Drive's changing beachfront (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> One man's crusade to create mini-park on 'Bridge Tender's Lot' (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Bond reduced but Albrecht still jailed (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Professional ballet is coming to Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 22 - Week of May 30, 2013
> Island girls cross bridge to win scholarships to top colleges (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Plan for cutting Vero budget due in just six weeks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Florida Institute of Technology sets sights on Shores (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Beloved principal's transfer roils parents (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 21 - Week of May 23, 2013
> Land Trust in another major acquisition on shore of lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Broker accused of stealing from elderly clients (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Sebastian Elks' treasurer spent hours gambling at Gold Mine (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Burglars get big haul from unlocked Riomar home (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Daughter details how health aide manipulated her dad (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 20 - Week of May 16, 2013
> Treasurer drained Elks Lodge cash to fund gambling at local arcades
> Beach replenishment hopes riding on Scott (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Albrecht: Self-described 'goddess' trying to live out fantasies (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> How home nursing agency vetted Albrecht (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> How police tried to check on May's welfare (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Concerns increase over septic systems and lagoon (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 19 - Week of May 9, 2013
> Abandoned by his caregiver, George May was left to die (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Home nursing aide charged with forgery, manslaughter (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Could South Beach sand help restore eroded Central Beach? (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Taylor facing possible 10-year sentence in art theft (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Working group to identify best ways to help lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Linking lagoon to ocean: Tough, but could help water quality (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 18 - Week of May 2, 2013
> Pillowcase burglars break into homes in Shores subdivisions (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Wilson makes final appeal for probe of Orlando contract (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero lifeguards get outrigger canoe for heavy waves (BY SIOBHAN MCDONOUGH)
> Marine Bank returns to profit; FDIC wants more (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> John's Island auction produces no bids (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Victims disappointed in light sentences in theft cases (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Injured turtle back in lagoon after SeaWorld rehab (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Shores Council votes to let three retirees keep pensions for life (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 17 - Week of April 25, 2013
> Judge ends Oculina Bank's bid to develop Osprey Estates (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Village Shops sold to Jay McLaughlin (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Rare Gervais whale startles beachgoers near Bermuda Bay (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Deputy, cleared by sheriff's inquiry, is returned to job (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Old Dodgertown turning into good news story (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New zoning changes seen likely to ban multiple tenants in private homes

Edition 16 - Week of April 18, 2013
> Sheriff turning blind eye on illegal gambling (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Central Beach to get no new sand for 4 years (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sheriff promotes officer who retired, boosting his cash out of unused leave
> Mental health group regains footing (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> First auction in fifteen years in John's Island offers 'really good deal'
> Shores police chief to be new town manager (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Questions about Vero's OUC contract not going away (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 15 - Week of April 11, 2013
> State inquiry confirms Sheriff's Office wrongfully altered records (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Sheriff's deputy, Vero High coach, subject of probe (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Hotel art auctions: Caveat emptor (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Electric campaign finance reports yield two surprises (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Septic tanks a major threat to lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 14 - Week of April 4, 2013
> Ex-mayor says Sloan inserted power penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Another key piece of riverfront property bought by Land Trust (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island home prices up 10 percent year over year (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Restaurants see big boom in business this season (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Second beachside group home now under scrutiny (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> International opera competition to return next year (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 13 - Week of March 28, 2013
> Ocean Drive jewelry theft nets $140,000 (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Fromang said to describe $20 million power penalty as poison pill (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Central Beach residents ready to sue city over claim home used as boarding house (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Manatee deaths in lagoon accelerating; tied to seagrass loss (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Mailed Vero electric survey sparks mass confusion (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 12 - Week of March 21, 2013
> Doctor with troubled record recruits Vero patients (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero bone with Ice Age etching is sold to an out-of-state trust (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Scheme to tax island residents to put sand on beaches is shelved (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Art Club proposes new building by Museum (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Will local arcade king be the next target of probers? (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Emergency response event on protecting lagoon set for Tuesday (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 11 - Week of March 14, 2013
> Old guard crushed as big Vero majority opts to exit power business (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Struggle to terminate Vero's old electric contracts now takes to the road
> Does Vitunac still plan legal challenge to electric sale? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Weick, two newcomers elected to Town Council in the Shores (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Miami felon sought in beachside theft (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores council to reconsider pension vote (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Harbor Branch aquaculture program a leader (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 10 - Week of March 7, 2013
> Vero electric activists, FPL both working for a 'Yes' vote (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Three out of four want to switch to county for water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Protectors of lagoon prepare to sue EPA (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Nasty battle erupts in Shores over pensions (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero to start enforcing new golf cart regs (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Martin Hoffman: Hard to 'pigeonhole' artist dead at 77 (BY ELLEN FISCHER)

Edition 9 - Week of February 28, 2013
> Probers may at last look into $20 million penalty (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores man jailed in Vero electric dispute tells of frustration (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lagoon in mid-2000s aided by natural phenomena (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New details on how close MHA came to financial ruin (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Beachside UF student booked on sex charge (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Is slowing Twin Pairs traffic likely to produce vibrant downtown? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Charlie Wilson gets $25,000 in settlement with Museum of Art (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 8 - Week of February 21, 2013
> Vero electric sale is endorsed by taxpayers group (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lawmakers turn optimistic on beach replenishment money (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Big crowds expected for weekend gun show (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Another Vero folly: Big outlay, but no tenants, no prospects, no rent (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> No cell phone tower will go up behind Shores' town hall (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Age becomes issue in Shores town council race (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 7 - Week of February 14, 2013
> County unaware it had power to close 'gun-show loophole' (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Only 19 vacant lots remain for building oceanfront homes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> 'Perfect storm' caused lagoon superbloom (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 6 - Week of February 7, 2013
> No funds in sight to put sand on eroded beaches (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero wonders why it gets no cut of bed tax to shore up beaches (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Thousands attend Bonnke's two-day Vero Beach revival (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 5 - Week of January 31, 2013
> Prime property a key issue in Vero electric sale to FPL (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Plumbing leaks can cause huge damage to beachside homes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Libby Ross gives Museum a Henry Moore (BY ELLEN FISCHER)

Edition 4 - Week of January 24, 2013
> Reinhard Bonnke: From saving souls in Africa to living large in Vero
> Sarkauskas gets golden parachute (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Six vie for seat on Hospital District board of directors (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Suicides soar in county during 2012 (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Beachland Elementary still searching for pick-up route (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Old St. Edward's Lower School turned into rubble (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 3 - Week of January 17, 2013
> ORCA founder films giant squid in scientific first (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> State agency admits its presentation on lagoon plans inept (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vote for sale of Vero electric likely to bring rate cuts later than hoped (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Gates: 'Long, difficult' time ahead in Mideast (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> $20 million 'virtual' spec home planned for South Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 2 - Week of January 10, 2013
> Significant rise in beachside real estate prices seen in 2013 (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Marine Bank says it will meet new FDIC guidelines (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> New Mental Health Association team moves to restore confidence (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> D'Agresta bills to School Board questioned (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Ocean Drive arsonists caught on tourist's 'Candid Camera' (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Council gets agreement for electric sale to FPL (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 1 - Week of January 3, 2013
> For beachside merchants, a December to remember (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Florida environmental agency far behind curve on crisis facing lagoon
> Home renovation projects on rise in Central Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Owners of antique store that bought stolen goods arrested in sheriff's sting


Edition 52 - Week of December 27, 2012
> New board steps up on mental health (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> $50,000 gift lets Treasure Coast Community Health resume providing psychiatric services (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Yale Club tackles health of Indian River lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island generosity puts family in Habitat home for the holiday (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Environmental activists join fight over lead pollution at airport (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 51 - Week of December 20, 2012
> MHA yields to funders; agrees to change leader (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> School Board attorney's advice on hiring may have broken Florida law
> Talk of converting 2 public schools to charters puzzling (BY DEBBIE CARSON)
> Alex MacWilliam Jr.: 'Brain behind John's Island' (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Attorney fees in sale of Vero electric mounting (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 50 - Week of December 13, 2012
> School superintendent backs down; fires controversial hire (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New traffic plan for Beachland campus would cut 145 trees (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Mental Health Association told to change leaders or lose funding (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Iraq vet's story leads to ourpouring of aid (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Attorney fees in sale of Vero electric mounting (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 49 - Week of December 6, 2012
> Singer starts work amid new conflict of interest questions (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Tough tree termites found 15 miles away (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Beach replenishment kept Sandy's damage from being far worse (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Victim of golf club attack got more e-mail threats in emergency room (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 48 - Week of November 29, 2012
> School Board showdown: Will members reverse plan to end-run law?
> Man attacks three with golf club outside South Beach restaurant (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> School employee health clinic shelved (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Zorc gains backing for workshop on saving the lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Beach Airport's lead pollution 28th highest of 3,300 U.S. airports

Edition 47 - Week of November 22, 2012
> Attorney abets School District evasion of state double-dipping law (BY BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Superintendent, school board blasted for unethical behavior (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> State environmental agency's role in Osprey Estates fight puzzling (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Mental health funders working on resolving troublesome issues (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> High arsenic levels in muck won't stop FIND project (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> At Thanksgiving, kids help elderly fight the loneliness of the season (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 46 - Week of November 15, 2012
> Mental patients may yet obtain discounted drugs (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Mardy Fish won't be able to play at coming fundraiser (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Iraq vet, laid off by Army, says: 'I feel betrayed' (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Dodgertown still Field of Dreams for Korean team (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 45 - Week of November 8, 2012
> County's mental health treatment crisis deepens (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Zorc wins seat on commission; top priority is lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Council incumbents Fletcher, Turner, Kramer all win re-election (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Mosquito Control District incumbents prevail (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> New oceanfront estates: A sign of better times (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County to pay way more than Vero for replacement sand (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 44 - Week of November 1, 2012
> Community Health cutting behavorial health services (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Mental Health Association goes mum on problems (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> $3.2 million for turbine maintenance? (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> New luxury homes coming to island (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sandy causes big loss of sand (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> County says its leaking roofs need to be replaced (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Teachers take contract complaints public (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 43 - Week of October 25, 2012
> Albert Ueltschi: 'Father of modern aviation training' (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Restitution unlikely for Hatch victims (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Comments on Libya puzzle ex-CIA chief (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
> Little League facing Vero squeeze play (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero urges state to move up assessment of lagoon (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 42 - Week of October 18, 2012
> MHA retains an attorney to probe its 'personnel policies' (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> School Board cools on employee health clinic as costs vary wildly (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Arlo Guthrie's wife, Jackie, dies of cancer (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Judge's order fails to halt work on I-95 bridge (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Wind storm insurance becomes growing problem (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 41 - Week of October 11, 2012
> Juvenile lookout in Simpson slaying is urged to say he lied (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Guard carrying letter between prison cells only gets slap on wrist (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> County mailing on fertilizer seen 'not worth the postage' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Therapist accused of touching MHA patient inappropriately (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> The man called Big: George Hamner Sr. (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores residents to get lower water bills (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 40 - Week of October 4, 2012
> Cuban refugee boat washes up south of Moorings (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Zorc accused of inflating assets in election filing (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Marijuana on beach linked to new U.S. interdiction program (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> A doctor, his beloved patient, and a sad tale of growing old (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Council candidate's husband arrested at Downtown Friday (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Lagoon dolphins to be featured on ABC show Saturday (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 39 - Week of September 27, 2012
> Mental health clinic places unlicensed 'doctor' on leave (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Nine police set to be demoted after union rejects deal (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Ex-Shores manager takes on embattled Fort Pierce (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Guttridge, attorney for Keeling, may also have been his victim (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Tsunami evacuation signs go up on our beach. Really? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero Rotary Club launches bid to save lagoon seagrass (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Still not clear if Piper will repay debt to county (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Zorc and backer of political rival embroiled in lawsuits (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 38 - Week of September 20, 2012
> 'Doctor' Acosta: No counseling license, no real degrees (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> MHA: 'Here to prevent horrible outcomes' (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Police tell council members: Beware of Jason Kozdra (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> GOP presses leaders to back Tim Zorc over Tony Donadio (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> 'Museum would not have gotten a dime if not for our efforts' (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero candidates split on need for electric referendum (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 37 - Week of September 13, 2012
> Vero Council candidate's husband is ex-con with long arrest record (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores burglar sells rare stolen letters to local antique shop (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> The Brognano family: Big campaign gifts appear to pay off (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Saving stranded whales: 'Just like a patient in the emergency room' (BY SIOBHAN MCDONOUGH)
> Charlie Wilson takes on museum (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Volunteers will fan out to combat waterway debris (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hearing to decide fate of Osprey Estates postponed (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 36 - Week of September 6, 2012
> Council to vote on plan to exit bad power deals (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Patio leads surge of new bars and bistros in old downtown (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Health clinic tossed from Port St. Lucie is pick for teachers (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Harbor Branch seeks to tap Gulf Stream for electricity (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Food fight: A couple's quest to donate unused club meals to feed the hungry (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Michael Creek project about to come back to life (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 35 - Week of August 30, 2012
> Housing rebound official as sales continue to surge (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> High-speed trains set to blast through Vero streets (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero asks cops who don't work holidays to give up getting overtime holiday pay
> Is cell tower really asthetic problem? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Three backing Vero electric sale enter City Council race (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores debates benefit cuts for retiring employees (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> No county ordinance to protect lagoon seen likely (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 34 - Week of August 23, 2012
> Fletcher: Vero can't afford to not sell old power plant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Falasiri gets two years in prison on smuggling charges (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores scientist joins fight to stop ferociously hungry termite (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Arcade company funnels big money to state lawmakers (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Cardiac catheterization: Is it needed? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Majority of island votes cast by absentee ballot (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 33 - Week of August 16, 2012
> Seagrass vanishes; most game fish gone (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> South Beach residents may get same water-sewer rates as Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Former leader of Mars program remains close to NASA (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Sheriff wins big over foe backed by many deputies (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Art swindler Matthew Taylor convicted (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Solari wins second term in District 5 landslide (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County voters generously approve another school tax (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Incumbents all win in county constitutional races (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Deal struck on terms of Vero electric sale to FPL (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 32 - Week of August 9, 2012
> County schools: Spending more, but getting less (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> District 5 race: Entertaining, not inspiring (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Tale of two Vero bars (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> McMullen versus Loar: Mano-a-mano (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Harpring challenges Swan for election post (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 31 - Week of August 2, 2012
> Mosquito District leadership, spending under new scrutiny (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores police ask: ‘Can you hear me now?’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Commission ignores success of fertilizer limits on Gulf Coast (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Hit-and-run: Will real story ever emerge? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Jay Kramer seen turning attention to Tallahassee (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Agencies: No interest in filling pollution education gap (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Tea Party urges ‘No’ vote on school referendum (BY EILLEN KELLY)

Edition 30 - Week of July 26, 2012
> New home set for Ocean Drive will be largest in Central Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Pollution education coordinator fired as job is eliminated (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Feisty challengers go after stoic Solari (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> More answers to question: How did Keeling do it (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Susan Smith Ritter: Definer of Vero style (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 29 - Week of July 19, 2012
> Mom: Dustinn ‘good kid’ who fell in with the ‘wrong crowd’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> German survivor of shark attack, on mend, thanks lifeguard (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> How many city workers does it take (Part 2) (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City Council loses budget-cutting focus playing ‘trivial pursuit’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County quickly agrees to budget cuts that keep it in black

> New Englander taking Costa d’Este to‘the next level’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)

Edition 28 - Week of July 12, 2012
> Governor to water district: Sell off ‘surplus’ parks and preserves (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Kish:‘I didn’t tell truth.’Vero airline scheme crashes (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Commission candidates set for ‘The Biggie:’ Questioning by Toby Hill (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The meteoric rise and fall of 21-year-old phenom Dustinn Keeling (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> School District faces tough battle over tax referendum (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero Beach budget workshops get off to a slow start (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sex charge highlights problems in some county parks (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 27 - Week of July 5, 2012
> The man who would bring commercial flights back to Vero (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero police take biggest hit in new city budget (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid Island Brewery seeks to tap craft beer market (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Harbor Branch teams find visible disease in 8 of 18 dolphins examined from lagoon
> New Building Code could see remodeling costs soar (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 26 - Week of June 28, 2012
> Home sales on island red hot in June: ‘It feels like season’ (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> ‘Super PACs’ for Romney get big bucks from beach (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> The search for a ‘unique’ way to extricate Vero from power ties (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Sea turtle nests up significantly this year (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> What’s going on at Sebastian Inlet? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Trucking sand to beaches: Officials say ‘Never again’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Caroline Barker returns to Beachland as new principal (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 25 - Week of June 21, 2012
> 32963 top zip code in contributions to Romney campaign (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero’s generous fringe benefit for ‘professionals’:Four weeks paid vacation after two years (BY LISA ZAHNER)
The changing face of homelessness in Indian River County
Number who have lost jobs up sharply (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Family waiting list for shelters grows (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Land Trust’s latest coup in preserving the lagoon shoreline (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County pushes for boat ramp work despite opposition (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 24 - Week of June 14, 2012
> More Sheriff’s Office records altered (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Quick action key to solving hit-and-runs (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Solari facing battle for the beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Ocean Drive landlords protest two-story height limit (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> National restaurant chains eyeing Vero opportunities (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 23 - Week of June 7, 2012
> Fletcher: Partial sale of Vero electric ‘infeasible, foolhardy’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> O’Connor seeks an ex-city manager to help with cutbacks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> IRNA concerned Ocean Drive height limits at risk (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Accused art thief jailed for flouting rules (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores police chief pledges top service with smaller staff (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> O’Bryan’s curious flip-flop on fertilizer regulation (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island Club puts annexation into Shores on hold until fall (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 22 - Week of May 31, 2012
> Hit-and-run accidents: 32963 inquiry finds few serve jail time (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Island housing market turns corner; prices edge up as inventory tightens
> City Hall case study: How a secretary gets to $60,000-a-year (plus benefits)
> Study: Vero staffing numbers similar to other cities (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ocean Drive retail building sells for $3.2 million (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 21 - Week of May 24, 2012
> Politicians passing buck on initiatives to help save lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> School kids making oyster mats for reefs (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County imposes reforms on new workers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores also proposes freeze on police pay (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Donadio switches parties to bid for commission seat (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New Vision first to offer laser cataract surgery (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Three arcades violate state regulations (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 20 - Week of May 17, 2012
> Barrier island estate is sold for near-record $15.6 million price (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> 10 homes planned on Riomar site of old St.Ed’s school (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Reuse water rate cuts may bring reduction in homeowner fees (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Little current role in Vero electric sale for elected officials (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Kids to help map pollution in lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 19 - Week of May 10, 2012
> Botched investigation leaves Carrabba’s hit-and-run suspect free (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Student appeals for rescue of lagoon fail to move County Commission (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores bid to annex Island Club familiar ground for Mayor Cadden (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachland Elementary principal Carol Wilson to retire (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> County admits more impact fee refunds due (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 18 - Week of May 3, 2012
> Beach work continuing into start of turtle nesting season (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Piper stalling on repaying taxpayers (BY A STAFF WRITER)
> Awet Sium: ‘A great hotel is not about chandeliers’ (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Brown termed a ‘dangerous sociopath’ who stalked ex-wife (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Expert says captain who altered records ‘should be censured’ (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
Parents give new Beachland traffic plan thumbs down (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Last big ocean-to-river parcel is sold (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 17 - Week of April 26, 2012
> Sheriff’s patrols often missing from barrier island (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Controversial long docks are blocked for now (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sea Oaks: ‘No’ on annexation to Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero angler reels in record pompano (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Windsor: Dog shows and polo (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Shores public safety director gets retirement deal (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 16 - Week of April 19, 2012
> Island home prices rise sharply; buyers coming back into market (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> IRNA fetes Wheeler, mourns his loss from County Commission (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County sued for negligence in overdose death (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Old St. Ed’s property again drawing interest (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> After hospice farewell, Laddie moves on (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Arlo and Ma Jaya: ‘I fell in love with her’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 15 - Week of April 12, 2012
> Vero’s sweetheart water deal with Shores goes to council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Wilson at center of new controversy over impact fee clients (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Sheriff’s office wants gaming taxed, not banned (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Falasiri pleads guilty to lesser drug charges (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> School officials differ on expansion of Beachland (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Demoting Vero police officers little help with budget woes (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 14 - Week of April 5, 2012
> Shores: Why the delay until October for lower water rates? (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Vero, Shores grapple with out-of-control employee pensions (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State hearing sought on long lagoon docks (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Beachland Elementary oak hammock may be saved (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Rickety buses shuttle Vero vets to West Palm VA Hospital (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero says electric worker has self to blame for harassment (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 13 - Week of March 29, 2012
> Falasiri, set to plead guilty, changes mind when faced with jail (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Concern grows as contamination edges toward Vero water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Museum of Art may get $100,000 impact fee refund (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Court: Counties can ban arcades. No interest here (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Osprey Estates project appears to violate Florida code (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Island beach replenishment project, still unfinished, ends after three years
> Would-be umps chase their elusive dream at Dodgertown (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 12 - Week of March 22, 2012
> Prosecutor: Accused art swindler Taylor was preparing to flee (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> International opera competition coming to Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Beachside lawyer Richard Brown again pleads guilty (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> City: Large restaurants may be banned on beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Stephen McCulloch: Rescuing wild bottlenose dolphins (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Heady fails in try to get Winger’s ‘70 questions’ about FPL contract (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero comparing its city services to other Florida cities (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Search firm for City Attorney doing well off Vero taxpayers (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 11 - Week of March 15, 2012
> Land Trust hoping to seal a major lagoon land purchase (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Citizens take action to block permit for long docks in lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Romney big (money) winner in visit to Vero (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City attorney: Story behind his selection (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> The Pyramid: A look at cut-throat world of arcades (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Florida remains hot spot for internet gambling growth (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 10 - Week of March 8, 2012
> Community Health clinics go to war over split of tax dollars (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Sebastian Middle School students join push to ‘rescue’ the lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Legislature again defers action to shut illegal arcades (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beach project stalls: Would you believe lack of sand? (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 9 - Week of March 1, 2012
> Local gambling arcades’ ties to cancer charity raise questions (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Proposed long docks trigger navigational, ecological concerns (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County to Vero: City water-sewer utility is ‘not worth purchasing’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero ‘creative’ job rate tops Chicago? (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Suit: Doctor’s failure to respond led to death (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Boys of spring bring life to Sports Village (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Coment, three others vying to be Vero city attorney (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 23, 2012
> Shores goes for quick savings on water, but remains uneasy over Vero plan
> The case of the purloined customers (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Manufacturer sued over bad knees (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> State failure to pass fertilizer regs leaves action up to county (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County layoffs result in first age discrimination lawsuit (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> Island Club seems interested in Shores’ annexation (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tourist board spurns Vero plea for dune money (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 7 - Week of February 16, 2012
> Casinos in Indian River County: How is this possible? (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores pitches annexation to Island Club, Sea Oaks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Eight years after hurricanes, legal storm still buffets Gables (BY MEG LAUGHLIN)
> South Beach gets to vote in November on new water provider (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lagoon’s health rated top priority in survey (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Which way will Shores come down on water and sewer? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 6 - Week of February 9, 2012
> County: No interest in new fertilizer regulations to protect the lagoon
> Vero water workers, not managers, face cuts (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> One third of our schools are below Florida’s median (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Golf carts and cars: Where fun and safety intersect (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Brown charged with new $90,000 theft from crash victim’s estate (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Sebastian Inlet dredging will also help Ambersand Beach (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 5 - Week of February 2, 2012
> FPL hoping to close purchase of Vero electric in 24 months (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> South Beach may vote on water-sewer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores to Vero: Water deal doesn’t wash (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Local schools rank behind some small, very poor counties (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> The troubled lagoon: Half of dolphins sick and dying (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> County administrator frustrated by vote on impact fees (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 4 - Week of January 26, 2012
> Ocean and Cardinal Drives: Updating the vision (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marine Bank wins a victory as state regulators back off (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Bob Bauchman’s return to Vero (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Shores nearing key water-sewer vote (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City moves to stabilize dunes under boardwalk at Conn Way (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Richard Brown agrees to give up license to practice law (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 3 - Week of January 19, 2012
> Marine now is fighting state as well as federal bank regulators (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Swan, Harpring vie for top elections post (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> At Beachland, one child in three gets a subsidized lunch (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Shores near key vote on water contract (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero utility panel seems no rubber stamp (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 2 - Week of January 12, 2012
> Marine Bank mounts vigorous defense against FDIC charges (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> More refunds of old impact fees coming (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Bodega Blue owner had heart attack; new details emerge (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Lee, retiring, offers Vero help – gratis (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Glenn Heran: Never intended to volunteer for FMPA (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘Optimization’ plan to keep Vero utility afloat springs major leak (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Gene Epstein: Consummate volunteer and philanthropist (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)

Edition 1 - Week of January 5, 2012
> Scott guts water protection funding, endangering lagoon (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Bodega Blue’s future in doubt after death of owner in Bahamas (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero city workers get demerits for using sick time (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Legislature to tackle redistricting when 2012 session opens (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beach renourishment about to resume (BY EILEEN KELLEY)


Edition 52 - Week of December 29, 2011
> Charlie Wilson’s war: Proving that you can ‘fight County Hall’ on impact fees
> The riverfront gateway to Vero’s future (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Betsy DeVos: ‘I did not want a place in Florida, but we fell in love with Windsor’

Edition 51 - Week of December 22, 2011
> Cash now king when buying island homes (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero lawyers gone bad - Another off to jail while wife goes free (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachside bank robber turns out to be legendary ‘Scruffy Bandit’ (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Accused Vero art thief loses bid for more freedom (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Solari: Get Piper’s audited financials (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 50 - Week of December 15, 2011
> Who knew? The Sultan’s stealth takeover of Piper (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Brown withdraws guilty plea (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Impact fee refunds big issue for county (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero’s finance and utility panels get extreme makeover (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores to pick up water-sewer issue in late January (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores is facing another tough budget year with tax revenue continuing to fall (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 49 - Week of December 8, 2011
> Florida home prices seen poised to rise (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Alarm salesmen anger neighbors in aftermath of tragic burglary (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Interim police chief so far gets plaudits (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Unfunded pensions still issue in Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Hilary Weston’s Windsor:‘Vision come true’ (BY LINDA MARX)
> Commission chairmanship an honor, but... (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> What did Vero Beach get for a half million dollars? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 48 - Week of December 1, 2011
> How Vero solved horrific murder (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Island’s big political donors pour money into ‘super-PACs’ (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> Election supervisor: Contest to watch (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> McMullen: Quitting to take on sheriff (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> 2012 campaign maneuvering well underway (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County Commission incumbents so far unopposed (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 47 - Week of November 24, 2011
> Slaying leaves Central Beach residents shaken (BY EILEEN KELLEY AND JOSEPH W. FENTON)
> ‘So damn random... So damn wrong’ (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Algonquin bid for Vero electric going nowhere (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Decision closer on impact fee refund (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 46 - Week of November 17, 2011
> Mayor Turner: New era of city-county cooperation? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beach erosion not as bad as feared (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero delegates helping elect new Episcopal bishop (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Deep Six divers see sharks needing protection (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 45 - Week of November 10, 2011
> Voters overwhelmingly approve leasing power plant site, but mandate to sell Vero electric muddled with changes on Council (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Carroll wins; Winger ousts Brian Heady (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Annual 6-month fertilizer ban pondered (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beachside burglary suspect is arrested (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Fate of St.Ed’s site in Riomar is now up to Wells Fargo (BY EILEEN KELLEY AND STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Vero Police Chief Don Dappen out November 30th (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> O’Connor seeking ways to cut Vero employee benefit costs (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 44 - Week of November 3, 2011
> Golf cart used as getaway vehicle in island heists (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Free ambulance service comes to end in the Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beaches lose backer in passing of Glynn (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Torrential rain brings back memories of 2004 (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Vero police chief seen fighting ouster (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Foreclosures in area surging under State Attorney General Pam Biondi (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 43 - Week of October 27, 2011
> Piper’s jet dream crashes, and local job hopes plunge as well (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
> Feds: Accused Vero art thief stashed funds in Bahamas (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Tom Cadden takes lead in pushing ‘Vote Yes’ campaign (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> City, county at odds over old impact fees (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Development over Wabasso bridge ready to proceed (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 42 - Week of October 20, 2011
> The Hatch saga:Walking off with a half-million (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Imagine: Kids learn about real world in their MicroSociety (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores to discuss water-sewer proposals on Monday (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 41 - Week of October 13, 2011
> Vero in the dark: Small storm, big blackouts - Vero electric’s bid to stay free of FPL not helped by response (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Turf war: Vero Art Club wants hold on land next to Museum for possible home (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Oslo boat ramp project backers target of probe (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Police propose doubling parking fines on Ocean Drive (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Weekend storm erodes beaches, stresses fish in lagoon (BY JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON AND EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 40 - Week of October 6, 2011
> City employees are happy to work in Vero, but few want to live there (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Dick Winger: A ‘numbers guy’ with wrong numbers (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New charge against Richard Brown: Stealing from St. Jude’s (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Heran creates PAC to push passage of utility referendum (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 39 - Week of September 29, 2011
> Vero employee health costs soar (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Art Club eyes own building near Museum (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> FMEA protects its cash cows (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> High life of accused Vero art thief appears to be unraveling (BY EILEEN KELLEY)
> Fed Cup tennis not coming here (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of September 22, 2011
> Legal expert: Shores would owe next to nothing for water infrastructure (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ancient Vero bone to get DNA test at Smithsonian lab’ (BY SANDRA RAWLS)
> A ‘tremendous contribution’ to Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Obama targets $1 million earners: Vero ranks 51 (BY MILTON R. BENJAMIN)
> The county and impact fees: ‘My head is spinning’ (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> New sediment samples to be tested for toxicity before lagoon dredging (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Orchid town hall now will remain on the mainland (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> News analysis: Heady and Carroll foes put up weak field (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 37 - Week of September 15, 2011
> Shores says Vero threatens suit over water-sewer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Short-term rentals thrive in residential areas (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Sheriff: Metal theft now an ‘epidemic’ in county (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Shores Town Council approves 2 percent tax hike (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 36 - Week of September 8, 2011
> Former CIA No.2 sees nature of terrorism threat to U.S. changing (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
> At Ground Zero she tended to first responders (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Volunteer panels tell Vero Council to ‘cease’ sales talks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Shores 2012 budget to be aired Friday (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 35 - Week of September 1, 2011
> The Museum of Art and the Art Club (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero electric value put at $185 million (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Consultants say Vero water system wins by ditching South Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Impact fee refunds a big issue for County (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)
> Irene shrinks beaches, claims sea turtle nests (BY EILEEN KELLEY)

Edition 34 - Week of August 25, 2011
> Can Vero actually divide its electric customers with FPL? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero water bid to Shores only matches County (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Mother upset over state not charging shooter of her son (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
Mucking it up: Dredging lagoon with no toxin testing (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)

Edition 33 - Week of August 18, 2011
> Summer travel: Is League of Cities confab worth cost? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero lab a player in battle with lionfish (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Museum of Art, Art Club still at odds over future (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
Are new reefs the answer to beach erosion? (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)

Edition 32 - Week of August 11, 2011
> John’s Island well a game-changer? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Big cuts at water district draw muted reaction (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Emily served as dry run for Vero’s new city manager (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Sheriff takes big lead raising campaign cash from island (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)

Edition 31 - Week of August 4, 2011
> Water wars: Beachside communities hit with big hikes in irrigation costs (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero electric staffers stone-faced at FP&L briefing (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero asks taxpayers to help set priorities (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Shores ponders a tax boost to fund pension liabilities (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Jafar Falasiri: From man of the year to man in big jam (BY A 32963 CORRESPONDENT)

Edition 30 - Week of July 28, 2011
> Vero’s electric rates again headed through the roof (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> O’Connor takes helm: ‘Electric is number 1 priority’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> $1.1 million question: Are 600 island residents owed refunds? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Fear seems operative word as county sits on huge surplus, but few object to budget cuts (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> Yellow Baron: Taking to the air in war on bugs (BY MIKE BIELECKI)

Edition 29 - Week of July 21, 2011
> County sits on huge reserves while imposing budget cuts (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> New Vero manager insists on police budget cuts (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Despite flawed Vero hiring process, finance director gets good reviews (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tensions rising over future of old Dodgertown (BY DEBBIE CARSON)

Edition 28 - Week of July 14, 2011
> Stealth license plate cameras (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero police, after warning of cuts, seek budget hike (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero staff and consultants move to freeze out Council on utility talks (BY LISA ZAHNER)
It’s official: First half real estate sales up blockbuster 44.5 percent (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> Redistricting could give Mayfield all of Indian River County (BY JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON)

Edition 27 - Week of July 7, 2011
> Mystery over why Vero hired Lawson continues to grow (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Marine Bank set to defend record before FDIC (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Partying youth tries to get in wrong house at 2:30 am (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
After the hurricanes, Vero’s paperwork disaster (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 26 - Week of June 30, 2011
> Island jolted by news of bizarre fatal shooting (BY LISA ZAHNER AND JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON)
> New Vero finance director leaves old job as state auditors move in (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Lifeguards: Tough, thankless job (BY JOSEPH W. FENTON)
Vero’s consultants rebuff county queries on water-sewer purchase (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 25 - Week of June 23, 2011
> From Windsor to Wabasso: The Gift of Hope (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Guns stolen in burglaries in Central Beach (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No left turn? No one seemed to care (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Think it’s dry? Vero in midst of worst drought on record (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> Vero Council taking hard look at pricey consultants (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 24 - Week of June 16, 2011
> Live Oak Road residents seek to block traffic (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero turns to ‘greenmail’ in water wars (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Death of Vero Beach psychiatrist leaves patients scrambling (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
From running back to Wizard of Oz (BY RON HOLUB)
> Electric deal sputters while consultant tab soars (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 23 - Week of June 9, 2011
> The Roselyn G and an ‘Olde Pirate’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The Browns: Was their stylish storybook existence too perfect? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Funding cuts threaten the future of Cultural Council (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 22 - Week of June 2, 2011
> Which course will O’Connor take on electric (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores water decision awaits new Vero study (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Officials cautious on new laws for senior drivers (BY JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON)
Brown to plead ‘no contest’ to original charges (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> John’s Island Foundation gives agencies $630,000 (BY MARY E. SCHENKEL)

Edition 21 - Week of May 26, 2011
> Vero Council can’t get water info from staff (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> Face to face with a ‘miracle’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
Second of a series: Aging puts brakes on some older drivers (BY JOE FENTON)
> Lawyer Brown facing two new felony charges (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores facing budget cuts or a property tax increase? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Utility deal sputters while consultant tab soars (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 20 - Week of May 19, 2011
> First of a series: Taking away the car keys (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Library, in transition, facing cuts (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
The Dodgertown on-again, off-again deal is on-again (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)
> SEAL Museum gets boost from bin Laden raid (BY JOE FENTON)

Edition 19 - Week of May 12, 2011
> New details emerge in Richard Brown probe (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Can Beachland’s oak hammock be saved? (BY SANDRA RAWLS)
Negotiations for sale of ‘Big Blue’ begin – finally (BY JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON)
> Vero spurns the private sector in picking manager (BY STEVEN M.THOMAS)

Edition 18 - Week of May 5, 2011
> FP&L rejects Vero staff’s effort to rewrite Letter of Intent (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Regional water-sewer approach gets boost with 9-to-1 vote (BY LISA ZAHNER)
The Paula Holden Sage saga: Vero designer, ex-clients clash in court
> New vote snafu delays choice of city manager (BY STEVEN M. THOMAS)

Edition 17 - Week of April 28, 2011
> Vero water battle may shift to court (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Pay for new Vero manager an issue (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Heart transplant brings island family full circle (BY JOHN W. JOHNSON)
St. Ed’s honors five who helped save the school (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero beachside is rare bright spot in U.S. real estate market (BY STEVE THOMAS)

Edition 16 - Week of April 21, 2011
> Marsh Island backs off from bid to be annexed into Orchid (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero plans to hire consultants for new water study (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores Town Council to finally get water proposal from County (BY LISA ZAHNER)
What did auditor really say about County water finances? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Beach debacle will see Phase Two end only half finished (BY STEVE THOMAS)

Edition 15 - Week of April 14, 2011
> Revelations seen killing Orchid annexation of Marsh Island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero hunt for city manager: Govt. vs the ‘real world’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Public attitude toward FP&L sale: Hopeful skepticism (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Penalties for electric violations ‘confidential’ (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Adrienne Smith: ‘Restoring natural habitats (BY JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON)

Edition 14 - Week of April 7, 2011
> Editorial: FP&L and the (no longer) impossible dream
> FP&L: Benefits to Vero Beach $14 million in first year alone (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> How does Vero now proceed on the FP&L electric offer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
County threatens to give Vero notice of water-sewer switch (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Washington team eying move to Vero?

Edition 13 - Week of March 31, 2011
> Vero staffer’s double-dip prearranged (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores residents could save on water and sewer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
United Way nears $2.4 million goal (BY MARY SCHENKEL)
> Heady takes OUC case to Tallahassee, gets nowhere (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 12 - Week of March 24, 2011
> Impact 100 to have 3 winners (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Price hikes for sand continue; progress lags (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> What’s Vero’s water system worth: Mayor Kramer says: ‘I have offer of $50 million’

Edition 11 - Week of March 17, 2011
> Without merger, big water and sewer rate hikes ahead (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Politicians get ‘high risk’ pension benefits (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 11-page explanation for rehiring of city worker flunks math tests (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Weick emerges as key swing vote on new Shores council (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Famous ‘locker room’ at Big Blue to get overhaul (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 10 - Week of March 10, 2011
> Haiti free clinic has heart and soul in Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> $280,000 more sought for beaches (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Just sitting around with nothing to do (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Challenges face new supervisor of elections (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 9 - Week of March 3, 2011
> Spa wars: Vero hotels vie in luxury rejuvenation (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> The Vitunac saga: Was he using the city legal staff to research his case? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Would you believe Vero is “leasing” one of its retirees at far more than his old pay? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 8 - Week of February 24, 2011
> Fresh to your doorstep from Veggies of Vero (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> County demonstrates to Vero water and sewer utility solvent (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> State panel demands answers from Vero on electric utility (BY LISA ZAHNER)
City bosses owed $1 million for vacations and sick leave (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 7 - Week of February 17, 2011
> Vero’s Al Wardon then and now (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Vero employees in for shock: Written performace reviews (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Rush to retire: Could it have anything to do with money? (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 6 - Week of February 10, 2011
> Nancy Prizito’s place filled with words (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> New daylight burglary spree hits the island (BY IAN M. LOVE)
> Vitunac: Indispensible or uninvolved? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Retiring your way to higher pay (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 5 - Week of February 3, 2011
> Frustration between Shores and County on water deal boils over (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> The secret behind high electric bills: It was really cold (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vitunac is first on Vero Council’s hit list (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Former Vero City Manager John Little dies at 86 (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> No state millions for Vero beaches (BY IAN M. LOVE)

Edition 4 - Week of January 27, 2011
> Cadden, Haverland emerge as winners in Indian River Shore’s no-vote-needed Council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Council may hire consultant and hold off on new City Manager (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Ira Hatch relocated to Panhandle, where he still operates a laundry (BY LISA ZAHNER)
Who’s stirring pot in Riomar over future of St. Ed’s land (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> North county beach restoration to resume Feb. 7th (BY IAN M. LOVE)

Edition 3 - Week of January 20, 2011
> Land Trust hopes to save Indian River Shores wildlife habitat (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Details emerge on death of woman outside Carrabba’s (BY IAN M. LOVE)
> Vero’s hopelessness at financial analysis (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 2 - Week of January 13, 2011
> Sheriff: Hit-and-run probe botched (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vitunac: No Council member read the $2 billion electric contract (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Three Aves at last on track (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 1 - Week of January 6, 2011
> A sad tale of our times: Death outside front door of Carrabba’s (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New Vero Council finds ousting entrenched staff is not so easy (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Harassment, slurs draw slap on wrist (BY LISA ZAHNER)
2010: The year when apathy was torn asunder (BY LISA ZAHNER)


Edition 40 - Week of December 23, 2010
> Shores residents may have real Council election (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Smithsonian bone casts now in Vero (BY SANDRA RAWLS)
> Change comes again to Vero’s Surf Club Hotel (BY IAN M. LOVE)

Edition 39 - Week of December 16, 2010
> Seems like nobody wants Big Blue (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero: Rate cuts to pump millions into economy (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> 7th grader seeks to restore oyster beds (BY MICHELLE GENZ)
> Mayor Kramer’s ‘Plan B:’ Vero stays in electric biz (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 38 - Week of December 9, 2010
> Shores appears to have deep-sixed water consultant (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Power plays: New cast, same old story (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero Beach has a new Santa (BY CLAUDIA BALINT)

Edition 37 - Week of December 2, 2010
> Shores is seeking bid from county on water, sewer (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> ‘Lepto’ bacteria threatens dogs, humans (BY ALINA LAMBIET)
> Delay on new fields puts Dodgertown’s future in jeopardy (BY IAN M. LOVE)
> Pops’ Lockhart returns with a BBC cast (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 36 - Week of November 25, 2010
> Heady: Man of principle or professional contrarian? (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Vero police step up beachside patrols; no new burglaries (BY IAN M. LOVE)
> Mushroom man Mike Johnson (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 35 - Week of November 18, 2010
> Three way water-sewer talks may ultimately end in consolidation (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid puts hold on annexation of Marsh Island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Central Beach on alert after home burglaries (BY IAN M. LOVE)
> ‘Everything you dream of for your kids’ (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 34 - Week of November 11, 2010
> Vero City Council takes on new look (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> County hopes to strike water, sewer deal with the city (BY IAN M. LOVE)

What goes on inside the Vero Beach power plant?
Probers investigate claims of racial harassment and theft (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Tape suggests employees seek to abort sale to FPL (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 33 - Week of November 4, 2010
> A Clean Sweep! Insurgents win all 4 Vero Council seats (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> New electric consultant fee outrage awaits new Council (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Conflict? What conflict?
Invoices indicate Vero paid for work done for Shores (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Shores holds up pay while demanding explanations (BY LISA ZAHNER)

Edition 32 - Week of October 28, 2010
> Same consultants advise Vero, Shores on water (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Walley in Wonderland (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Orchid Council moving to annex Marsh Island (BY LISA ZAHNER)
> Charter high: Vero’s best kept education secret (BY MICHELLE GENZ)

Edition 31 - Week of October 14, 2010